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YMCA Echuca Back Nine Golf Course
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Played the back 9 course today for the first time. Generally not too bad for course thats run by volunteers. The greens are a tad on the small side and the fairways a bit patchy on some holes but pretty good overall if youre looking to have a hit without too much traffic
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Echuca Back 9 measures 3011m Par 36 with two par 3s ranging from 126-150m, five par 4s ranging from 317-401m and two par 5s ranging from 457-501m. The course has kikuyu grass fairways and teebeds which is quite inconsistent with its conditioning. The fairways are fairly worn out and many have patchy dirt ridden fairways. The teebeds are bumpy and devoid of good grass coverage. The Santa Ana couch grass greens are tiny and bumpy. There are no bunkers. 1st-317m slight bend right with the flag not visible from the teebed in front of the proshop. 2nd-340m slight bend left similar to the 1st with the flag not visible from teebed which is near the Campaspe River. 3rd-457m slight bend right Par 5 4th-150m with a teeshot over a small pond in the front of the tee. 5th-369m straight Par 4 which requires you to cross the 3rd fairway to reach the tee. The Campaspe River is along the entire leftside. 6th-126m flat hole along the Campaspe River. 7th-350m slight bend left Par 4 8th-401m slight bend right Par 4 9th-501m slight bend right Par 5 Generally, the layout is not too bad as the Campaspe River winds itself around the western and northern boundaries of the course. The closing 3 holes are probably the best holes which has some taller trees and some narrower tree-lined fairways. The course could use a few bunkers to make it somewhat challenging. I was also surprised to see many dirt ridden fairways even after the reasonably wet months of June-September which recorded over 150mm of rain. Played here on 26/09/12 with $16 green fees. The Council own the course but the YMCA run the course. Echuca and the NSW town of Moama has a population of around 17000 people. Overall, not a fan of Santa Ana couch grass greens...and besides Rich River is across the Murray River and offers 2 great 18-hole layouts.
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Good place to send the kids for a muck around with some old clubs and balls. In summer it is so dry it turns into a dustbowl and you get to play on the dust scrapes. Never saw any grass or sand. Was to frightened to use a wood for fear of blinding myself from the dust. Go to the pub instead.

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The back nine is nestled away in a small corner of Echuca with gum trees lining the fairways and the river winding along the course boundary. These types of country courses wher upkeep is difficult due to limired resources and limited water as a rule of thumb usually rely on interesting and tricky routing and the incorporation of several elevation changes to keep the golfer interested and challenged. Echcua back nine has no the luxury of either. The course is by no means a push over and in several places is very tight and requires precision off the tee simply to have a clear shot at the miniture greens. The place can easily frustrate you with its continuous dog legs and kykuya-thick green edges but if you relax and don't expect too much you probably find yourself escpaing into the bush surrounds. I would suggest you steer clear on weekends as the hackers and their errant bals do not make for much fun, but if you pass by on and empty afternoon and stroll around the river edge by yourself I daresay you'll probably have a nice little stroll without getting too excited.

Scott Tindall

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