Goulburn and Murray
Nathalia Golf Club
9 Holes
PAR 70
5697 M


With nine immaculately presented greens and well kept watered fairways along with eighteen tees, Nathalia Golf Club is a very attractive par 70 course.

There is room for visitors or casual golfers on most days of the year and bookings are not usually necessary for individuals or small groups. Social Clubs and larger groups of golfers will also find that they are able to play on most days of the year, although it is advisable to check first to make sure that there is room on the course.

4 Reviews
Played here yesterday for the first time. Another great country course with plenty of tree lined fairways, with well watered tees & greens. The fairways have spasmodic watering in places, on patchy varieties of grass. Even though it is a 9 hole course, it has different tees for each 9, which definitely changes the holes. The overall layout is also very interesting & a good challenge for a small country town. Enjoyed the experience!
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flat flat flat with some big tree’s used as hazards.

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A tight and tricky course witch plays on your mind the tee are very well placed in and around the lovley big old redgum trees. If you ever get the chance to play this great course i'm sure you will agree with me. To find the golf course there are sign post on the road where you need to turn.

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All the courses out this way are lovely looking, & this is no exception.

Only 9 greens with 18 tees. Some good holes, even though you play them twice.

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