Mount Macedon Golf Club
9 Holes
PAR 66
4932 M


Golf has been played at Mount Macedon since the early 1920's, the course, as it was then, was part of a large guest house complex which was popular with Melbourne people seeking to escape the summer heat.

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Played here for the first time today. It has been a good Autumn, with plenty of rain, so the course was green & lush. It's a great track & even though it is short at 5001m, it balances out with some tricky tight driving holes & interesting undulations & bends, like on the 9th & 18th, which has the added feature of a deep drop to a running stream on the approach to the green. Nice! Good fun course in nice surroundings!
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Just played a social round on a Friday. I have been coming here for a few years and can see it constantly improving. The fairways had good cover and the greens were true. It was really in great condition for the end of winter. Very quiet and spectacular views on Mount Macedon. I recommend a trip here. The members are very friendly.

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This course is vastly improved in the last 12 months. He fairways have reasonable grass cover and the greens are good. Whilst 9 greens the second time around it does play quite differently. Well worth the visit if you are in the area
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Established in the 1920s, but only until the mid 1960s did it resemble a 9-hole layout similar to today's, Mount Macedon now measures 2438m Par 33 OUT (2494m Par IN) with three par 3s ranging from 151-190m and six par 4s ranging from 244-364m. There are 9 greens and 18 alternate tees to play 18 holes here. There are no Par 5s, however, some changes are due to occur in 2013 which include the existing 364m 9th being made into a Par 5 of around 440-450m in length, thus making the course a Par 67 (Par 34 OUT and Par 33 IN). Course has a mixture of rye / couch and poa grass fairways and rough with a scattering of tree-lined fairways. The small penncross bent grass greens are mostly 10-15m long and consist of 70% bent and 30% poa grass coverage. In terms of hazards, there are 2 bunkers and a natural Turitable Creek which flows across the 1st & 9th fairways. Read the first 2004 review which summarises the holes very well 1st-151m / 10th-160m is played slightly uphill over the Turitable Creek gully to a green with a bunker left. Probably the pick of the par 3s. 2nd-244m / 11th-224m is a slight bend to the right and plays gently uphill to a 10m long x 8m wide bunnkerless green. 3rd-190m / 12th-194m is played gently downhill to a 15m long x 10m wide green. 4th-348m / 13th-401m is a straight hole that plays uphill to a 20m long x 15m wide green with a bunker short left. Thicker bushland and Turitable Creek are far right off the tee. The second-most challenging par 4 on the course with the green being the highest point on the course. 5th-336m / 14th-319m is a slight bend left and plays gently downhill with OOB right through the fairway to another bunkerless green. 6th-317m / 15th-372m plays gently downhill and is a straight hole the first time around but the 15th tee ensures there is a sharper dogleg 45 degrees right off the tee to the bunkerless green. 7th-287m / 16th-180m after a long walk back up the fairway to reach the 7th tee another gently downhill and dogleg 45 degrees right off the tee to the bunkerless 12m long x 8m wide green awaits. 8th-185m / 17th-290m is a straight hole with the green 10-15m below the 8th tee. The 10m long x 8m wide green is the lowest point on the course. 9st-364m / 18th-354m is at the moment the best hole on the course. The hole is played gently uphill and slopes and bends to the right with OOB along the right, with the yellow-staked Turitable Creek steep gully cutting across the fairway about 70m short of the green. There are plans to move the 9th tee 60-70m back across the 8th/17th fairway to make a Par 5 hole which will be very easy to par. The 18th tee will be where the current 9th tee sits. Course access is from Mount Macedon Road about 4km from the Mount Macedon town centre. Macedon-Mount Macedon have a combined population of around 3200 people. Course elevation ranges from 500m above sea level at the 8th/17th green to approximately 540m above sea level at the 4th/13th green. Not all fairways are watered but the course have 2 storage dams/ponds: one 20ML capacity dam behind the 9th/18th green and another 4ML capacity dam to the left of the 9th/18th fairway which both collect stormwater run-off along the Turitable Creek catchment. Played here 26/10/2012 with $15 green fees for 9 holes or $20 for 18 holes. Course is not bad, but could use a few more bunkers. Remember the green distance post markers indicate 130m to the centre of the green here
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I played here on a quiet (completely empty) autumn morning and was really excited about it- Mt Macedon is a beautiful town and i privately expected a beautiful 9 hole golf course to boot, and the honesty box always gives that uncertain feeling- there are some gems around Australia with honesty boxes and other complete goat tracks. Looking at the opening par 3, across the gully and uphill, i anticipated the former. However i was unlucky enough to get all temporary greens- a real disappointment, as the greens were large, tiered and well shaped. Instead i was given small patches of closely shaven fairway- which was difficult to hit and putt on. However i focused on the course, which didn't fail to impress- it is tree-lined with a good mix of holes, not overly long, but with a premium on accuracy. There was a charming mix of fauna, with a good mix of native bush, pines, and deciduous European trees. It lacked detailed markers, there were few bunkers and the conditioning wasn't perfect (though for what i suspect is a voluntary effort, it was pretty good) but in a way that is what makes these kind of courses special. When in top nick, I'm sure this charming nine holer is one of the "gems". On the subject of great nine holers, I'll throw in a few i have found through my travels in the "also liked" section.
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Stayed in the area for a couple of days and after playing nine holes one day, went back to play eighteen holes two days later. Found the course in great condition and after talking with one of the members was told that voluntary labour kept the course in order. They had lots of trouble during the really rainy lead up to summer and could not get machinery on to keep the course in shape but now, everything is looking great. Green fees have increased to $20 for all the golf you can play during the day which is still great value. Had a great time with no waiting and heaps of kangaroos seen later in the day.
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