Inglewood Golf Club

18 Holes
PAR 71
5526 M
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Inglewood is not one of Vics great golfcourses,but it is a lovely place for a pleasant stroll in the winter sunshine among majestic blue gums.From a golf perspective, the course has 2 major features;the drain/artificial creek which runs across 6 holes and the railway which thru part of the course.On the classic British links,it is not unusual to have a railway as a boundary but here it is an integral part of the course!Greens are fairly typical-about 12m. diameter,black sand cover,mostly flat-a firm putt straight at the hole is more rewarding than looking for the sometimes illusory borrow. The course comprises;5xpar3 (108-216m.)10xpar4(279-400m.)3xpar5(435-501).Unsurprisingly the best or most memorable holes feature the railway or creek-or both. 4th;straight.Creek,20m.wide crosses fairway @ 360m.A layup leaves a shot of a small target,but for most mid/high handicappers a 2nd shot to fly the hazard is ambitious. 9th;111m.OPlayed over creek and railway to half hidden green. 17th;279m.Stroke 2 despite its length;best hole on course.Drive over railway to narrow treelined target,OOB right,then over creek just 30m. short of green,road and OOB behind.A real card wrecker! 18th;108m.All about the creek,just 20m. short of green demanding a precise tee shot. Altogether a good balance between long and short holes in each par group,with the 2nd(216m.)5th(389)and10th(400m.)requiring considerable clout and 3rd(279m.)9th,17th and 18th needing a deft touch. Inglewood has limitations-several flat straight holes offset by others of real character.The town guide says-gold nuggets are still being found:so,when you take a divot inspect the ground closely before applying the content of your sand bucket!
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There are 18 black soil scrapes with mostly straight holes and no bunkers. There is natural grass on the fairways with some narrowish tree-lined fairways on some holes. There is a railway line that runs adjacent to the course which is GUR. There is also a channel that runs through the course in play which is a hazard. Volunteer-run country course with basic golf facilities. Fees are $5 The course closes from October til the week before Easter each year, so it is played as a winter course. The clubhouse is not too bad for functions. Course access is from the Calder Highway on the eastern side of the town. Inglewood is a small town of 700 people approximately 180m above sea level about 30km south-east of Wedderburn and 45km north-west of Bendigo. Closest grass green courses are in Bendigo.
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