Dunolly Golf Club
18 Holes
PAR 65
4254 M
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I have played Dunolly 3 times in differing conditions;in July 09 just before thir annual open when the course was very green and well presented;in April 12 a week before a late season opening(possibly too early)when the previously verdant fairways were very bare,and in Sept.13 again very green.Inevitably a course which relies on rainfall for watering and is closed and untended during Summer does have variable conditioning.Whar is consistent is the character and charm of the layout which in good condition affords an enjoyable and interesting layout. The course is short,4416m.,par 65,ACR 63,with 9 par 3s 104-216m.,7 par 4s 254-416m. and 2 par5s 465-503m.The course is flat with some treelined fairways,some more open in the meadowland around the meandering little creek which with the railway is amajor feature.Scrapes are small,mostly flat;tees are poor and no bunkers,but with the creek a hazard on 5 holes and the railway on2 there is plenty of interest. The opening holes 1-4 are fairly ordinary but substantial at 355m.,503m.,208m.,and416m.,the last almost U shaped.For most golfers to negotiate these holes in net level par will be a tough ask.They are followed by a pair of short par 3s.And then the real charm of Dunolly unfolds as we cross the railway (7th)and meet the creek.Four holes play over the creek once,while the 16th crosses twice-a lovely par 3 with little room for error.The 15tgh is also good with the scrape between the creek and the railway line-short at 283m.but requiring a perfectly measured approach shot. There are a few holes where fairways cross but the course is rarely so busy for this to be a problem or to detract from the pleasure of a compact but ingeniously designed layout.You do not need to be along hitter,but you must be able to judge your short irons very well indeed.
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Dunolly measures 4380m Par 65 with nine par 3s ranging from 89-208m, seven par 4s ranging from 254-416m and two par 5s ranging from 465-503m. Course has black soil scrapes with fairly straight holes, no bunkers and a layout which plays over the railway line. Basic golf facilities. Fees are $5. Course access is from Short Street about 2km north of the town centre. Dunolly is a small town of around 1000 people approximately 200m above sea level about 22km north of Maryborough and 60km west of Bendigo. Closest 18-hole grass green course is in Maryborough.
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