Clunes Golf Club
18 Holes
PAR 70
5263 M
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John Pilchard

Bring a seven iron, an old ball, and maybe an audiobook. Leave Scotty Cameron and his Titleist's behind, for one doesn't play Clunes in the traditional sense; one enjoy's an unencumbered stroll, club in hand, the ball merely an afterthought. 

Mid to late afternoon only, no earlier than March, avoid the heat at all cost - your soul won't handle it, and beware, any unexpexted meteorological purtubations could easily tip your round over into the absurd. 

This course is reminiscent of your immigrant parents failed attempt at a family camping holiday - grim, dry, unwelcoming, dull and unattractive at first, the chosen campground unyielding to your father's grim determination to have a good time in a locale that has no right to be enjoyed. Push those thoughts aside, you're not playing golf, this isn't a family holiday, that's not why you're here. 

They say golf courses represents their towns, their communities, their countries, well Clunes was Australia's first gold town, and its first booktown. Forgotten that have you? So has Australia, so has Clunes, but not its golf club. Indeed the golf club knows you've forgotten it, and it's unsure whether to exact its revenge or offer its infinite forgiveness as it war

mly welcome you into its bucolic bosom. From the sand rake greens, to the parched dry fairways, the delapitated signs with unnecessarily pedantic instructions, the unseen greenskeeper's permanently inhabited shack, his hidden garden of treasures, the ten dollar honesty green-fee box (50% off if you play with a member), the wide open sky, the ancient stoic gumtrees, the gentle undulations, the warbling magpies, the unlikely falcon inhabiting a tree on the 14th, the idyllic views from the back nine of the charming adjacent sheep farm that Bruce Pascoe would no doubt liken to a gentleman's park - Clunes, much like Kenneth Cook's Wake in Fright and it's 1971 film adaptation, represents both the very best and very worst of Australia. You'll be questioning the rationale behind the existence of Clunes and of regional Australia as a whole, then a moment later you'll be blinded by beauty, or surprised by an avian encounter and be at a loss as to why you're the only person here, at a loss as to how you could possibly have questioned the existence of this masterpiece. You might think you've died and gone to heaven, but you'll be excused if you mistake it for **** . The apocalypse has already swept through Clunes, Clunes just didn't notice.

Don't go out of your way to play here, but if you're in the region, leave the wife in Dayelsford and the kids at Sovereign Hill, and have a round at Clunes - you'll come back a changed man. 

Every true golfing vagabond should play Clunes at least once in their life.

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Played this course today, on a cold winter's day. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of this small country town sand scrape course. It has a few very tight dog legs to keep things interesting & is a good test of golf. It is a par 70 rated at 69. I have played quite a few sand scrapes before & this is one of the better ones!
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My wife has just taken up the game and Clunes is a good layout for the beginner. An opening par 5 shakes out the kinks from driving. The course is bordered by established trees and the rough is forgiving. The fairways were a bit thin after a dry summer but should regenerate with winter rain. A flat course par 70 ( acr 65) .The scrapes can be frustrating but at $5 a round its still bargain.
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Time for an objective review of Clunes.The course measures 5324m,par 70,ACR 69(blue)with six par 3 of 136-190m,eight par 4 of 260-370m and four par 5 from437-480m.With no bunkers,the main defences are not over wide treelined fairways and tiny,quick sand greens(actually crushed granite).The main topographical features are the slight but discernible rise occupied by the clubhouse and the 9th,16th and18th greens and the shallow valley crossing the 3rd,4th and9th fairways.These are well incorporated into the layout which also includes 3 notable doglegsat 6,13 and14.Many of the other holes are best described as"not quite straight".the best holes are: 3.short par 3 over valley rising to a shelf green. 6.90 degree dogleg right @200m then downslope to green. 9 9.361m between treelines,2nd shot sharply uphill. 10.260m genuine risk/reward hole bending right between trees,OOB right. driveable-but only occasionally. 13.370m dogleg right doubling back on itself at 210m. 15.undulating and sinuous 473m,par 5. 16.332m narrow drive chute,uphill 2nd shot to plateau green. 18.190m all uphill between trees to shelf green. Clunes is not long,but it is not to be underestimated and will provide an interesting and enjoyable test.with no water supply except rain and an acid soil,preferred lies are a regular and sensible of members play.Clunes is not in its wildest dreams an alternative Royal Melbourne but you will be made royally welcome by the members of this authentic Victorian country golf club.
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Clunes measures 5324m Par 70 with six par 3s ranging from 136-190m, eight par 4s ranging from 260-370m and four par 5s ranging from 437-480m. The tree-lined layout has 18 white sand scrapes with fairly straight holes and no bunkers. Most holes are short and straight like the 260m straight 10th (index 16) which plays gently downhill. Basic golf facilities here with fees $5 Not a bad layout if they ever generate the finances to convert this layout to become the fourth 18-hole grass layout in the Victorian Central Highlands' local government area of Hepburn. Course elevation is 360m above sea level. Course access is from Golf Course Road 2.5km west of the town centre via Cemetery Road (across the railway line). Clunes and its district have around 1650 people and is located about 20 minutes north of Ballarat. The town is located in a valley surrounded by rounded hills, which are actually extinct volcanoes and are best seen 3km south along the road to Ballarat. I'd recommend a round at any of the THREE 18-hole grass green layouts (Forest Resort Creswick, Hepburn Springs & Trentham) within the Victorian Central Highlands' local government area of Hepburn which has around 15000 people.
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We were heading back to Geelong from Maryborough after being told we couldn't get on the course due to Saturday comps (quite frustrating) and decided to head in for a round at Clunes. Never having played on sand scrapes before I was quite impressed at the layout and how well the ball roles true on the sand. It was also very quiet with noone trying to take pot-shots at our head from behind. A very nice round. Thanks CLunes.

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