Bannockburn Golf Club
18 Holes
PAR 69
5247 M
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Bannockburn is an attractive and thriving sandscrape course just outside Geelong-probably the nearest course to Melbourne for all those sandscrape I am constantly encouraging to overcome their reservations and experience the difference and the real charm and enjoyment of sandscrape golf. Off the black tees,the course measures 5532m.,par 69,ACR 68,with 5x par 3,140-177m.,11x par4 295-367m., and 2x par 5 485-496m.In design and layout,''Banno''is among the best Victorian sandscrapes with a few sloped or undulating fairways densely tree lined,and several good dogleg holes-4 right,4left. Scrapes have a light covering of sand-very good as a putting surface,with nicely grassed surrounds equally good for approach chip shots.Fairways sown with drought resistant couch a few years ago suppoted by a recycled irrigation system have developed well and now provide a surface from which fairway woods can be played with confidence. Among several good holes I would select as noteworthy; 2.365m.stroke 1;dogleg right @ 200m. then rising steeply to the scrape. 9.335m.stroke 3.steadily rising dogleg left @ 190m.,scrape tight to treeline left. 11.496m.stroke 4.trees and OOB right flank;scrape offset right of fairway. 14.324m.stroke 9.dogleg left-almost horseshoe shape. 18.335m. "' 7.lovely finishing hole,90 degree left dogleg @ 220m.,rising gently to scrape. Bannockburn would be an excellent introduction to sand scrape golf for every golfer-give it a go!
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Played this course again in late Feb 2010. What an eye opener! All the surrounds are well grassed at this time of year which is amazing for a sand greens course. All except 3 fairways have a thick,even covering of couch grass and they have obviously been using some of their recycled water as some areas were damp. We saw a number of Kangaroos and there was an Echidna on the side of one fairway. If this place ever gets greens it will be a winner. Great value for ten bucks.
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Bannockburn Golf Course is 3km out of town from Bannockburn which is a 20 min drive from the western outskirts of Geelong. It is a sandgreens (scrapes) course but unlike most scraped courses they are not heavily oiled. When damp they produce an excellent even putting surface but when dry they can be a bit gritty. Most tees have a good covering of couch and are fairly level.

The surrounds of the scrapes are also couched and these allow for good lies when chipping onto the sand. The course has just installed a watering system that automatically pumps out recycled water during the night. Some fairways have been given the couch treatment and others are to be done over the next few years.

Like most country courses it is best played during the late winter and spring but it stays open all year and early Sunday Mornings are popular during the summer.

As the couch program progresses the fairways should get better. THe Green Fees are cheap at $10 and this is on an honour system. Although the course is heavily treed you can see that the members have worked hard at keeping it tidy and even my hooked and sliced balls are easily found.

THis course is worth a look, it isn't a plush greens course where you have to wait all the time because it is so crowded and with car pooling we find it much cheaper to play here than paying $35+ elsewhere.

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