Balyang Par Three Golf Course
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A fun outing for the family. An excellent way to get the kids off their screens for a couple of hours.
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Compared to the US, Australia is fairly bare on the par-3 front. And really, that is shame. Generally they are great places to start out playing the game, whilst for the seasoned golfer a brilliant place to hone-up with the wedge and blade. You won't find a lot of variation at Balyang Par-3 course, with sand-wedge enough for most on all but 2 of the holes. However, what this place lacks in variation it makes up for in atmosphere. It is hard to describe how a fairly flat, fairly bland track of land has atmosphere, however, it might have soemthing to do with the fact it is 18 holes and if your worth your salt you can easily go under the card. You start with some shorter holes, hoping to set up your round, a couple of danger lurk through the middle, but if you're going to make a move, it has to be after you cross the river and tackle the 3 holes of 'birdie corner'. 17 is the longest on the course and 18 is no gimme either, you don't want to be leaking oil on these two believe me! A great little place, with decent greens and reletivly few hold-ups. A hour's worth of great fun.

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