West Coast
Queenstown Golf Club
9 Holes
PAR 64
4512 M
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If you happen to be in Queenstown and have your sticks, don't miss. I know the area's environment doesn't suggest a great course, but Queenstown golf club is easily the biggest golfing surprise i have ever had. To start off, i only had one collared shirt and didn't want to get it dirty, so i asked my mate "reckon it would be ok if i just play in a tee?" he responded, "they would let you onto the course naked". He couldn't have been further from the truth. They have a comfortable clubhouse with an honesty box, set guidelines for dress on course and in the shop. We were kindly shown around by the friendly manager, who told us it was completely voluntarily run and kept, and that most of the fairway was on moss. I was understandably skeptical at this point. However, the first hole has a tricky tee for the men, so what would be a easy par 4 becomes awkward and requires precise shot control. The fairways are very soft and have a unique feel, but are well shaven, and when i played, in good nick. The greens the same. Many of the holes line the boundary, and road, thick blackberry and other bush, and the Queen's River. Only one bunker. There is also i very clever tee on i think the 7, with it snaking up onto a hill. Keep in mind it has been a long time since i played, things may have changed, but when i played it was a great day, and one of those golfing memories, just the surprise of finding such a unique and decent golf course in what is a town that doesn't suggest quality golf, that you take to the grave.
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