Morgan Cadell Golf Club
10 Holes
PAR 70
5583 M
3 Reviews
Frontier Golf at its finest.  I started playing golf on this course and it has no luxuries, but I still love it.  To the outside eye it may be difficult to see the years of hard work that a handful of people have put into this club.  From the inside each weekend is a different story of the trials and tribulations of a group keeping a club alive and forging friendships along the way.  For me golf isn't about perfection, it's about beating imperfections, and a frontier golf course is a good place to play, at least once. 
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Measures 2705m Par 35 OUT and 2878m Par 35 IN. There are 9 black soil scrapes offering barely basic golf facilities here. 1st-429m Par 5 slight dogleg left from an elevated synthetic grass tee mat. The 329m-10th Par 4 is further up 2nd/11th-362m 3rd/12th-345m 4th/13th-164m 5th/14th-328m 6th/15th-438m short Par 5 7th/16th-130m 8th/17th-399m 9th-110m Par 3 also plays with a back tee 18th-383m There is a local rule which sums up the condition of this barren layout: "on the fairway of the hole in play a ball may be lifted and placed on a preferred lie within one club length and not nearer to the hole." Yes, the fairway! And yes, you need much more than 1 club length for any relief...I gave my clubs relief...to the boot of my vehicle in the car park. Any course with this rule should be closed permanently. Why would anyone bother to play is beyond me. Fees are $5 Morgan is a small village of around 400 people near the big bend on the Murray about 40km north-west of Waikerie or 30 minutes east of Eudunda. Good sights around the village and river, but play your golf at Waikerie.
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Morgan is a dry, barren course with small, poor scrpaes and no noticeable difference between the fairway and the rough. I guess except that there are a few trees in the rough. It is a nine hole course that may actually test some golfers who are used to hitting off grass. The best two holes on the course are the par 3 4th which is medium distance at around 160 metres, but which doesn't really have a fairway, just a tee, a green and a heap of trees in between. The other good hole is the par 5 6th which is short and dog legs to the right, helping those that fade the ball and is very reachable in two. Overall probably the lowest quality course we have played, and you couldn't honestly advise anyone to have a hit here. I'd rate this as half a star but iseekgolf wont allow it. TandM
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