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Sticking to the course review without jibes at each other's comments...just a friendly reminder and warning here, that this website link is not the forum, it is the course review directory Established in 1912 Port Pirie measures 5735m Par 71 with four par 3s ranging 104-202m, eleven par 4s ranging from 251-370m and three par 5s ranging from 428-491m. Celebrating its centenary year in 2012, Port Pirie originally had black soil scrapes and has had grass greens up until 2006-07. The club has no access to reclaimed water and about 4-5 years ago its members had no choice but to reinstate the scrapes again. The smelter in town produces slag which can be used for black scrapes but this consisted of 20% zinc and 40% lead which, for obvious health reasons, the club has been banned to use. So there are 18 white quartz sand scrapes with over 20 bunkers here on a reasonable medium-sized wide tree-lined layout. The layout has not changed much since 1912, with holes being shortened or lengthened with some additional tree plantings. The bunkers add to its challenges, but still hard to rate it more than 1 star as it offers "basic golf facilities" as opposed to 5-stars on this website which is "golf at its absolute best". Even in early Spring, when I visited, after the winter rains the course is quite dry, but, not as dry as in the summer months. Some good holes here like the signature 202m slightly uphill 9th (index 1) with an unbunkered scrape. Having played all grass green courses and visited all other courses in the state, I have to say, after a lengthy chat to some very friendly members in the clubhouse, I have to agree with its members at being disappointed about the local politics that goes on here. On a positive note, the smelter in town has a staged plan to use reclaimed water which will allow parks and fields to be watered. Hopefully this will bring more water to the course. However, the club has mentioned it would not bring back grass greens as it is too costly. Port Pirie is one of the largest cities in the state with around 14000 people, and may well even be THE largest city in the country without a grass green golf course, but it is disappointing to see it reduced to having basic golf facilities. Course access is from Senate Road which is in the southern Port Pirie suburb of Risdon Park South about 5km south from the riverfront. The course is bounded by Kingston Road to the north, The Terrace to the east, Pelham Road to the south and Senate Road to the west. Closest grass green course are Port Augusta which is 90km north or Clare and Burra which are about 100-110km south-east of Port Pirie.
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Hey Relic, in ya'll little 'ol mining town where did yous all get ya water from, for the green fairways and green greens, you all payin big bucks for water like the Pirie club or gittin it free from the mining company or maybe a nearvy river
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This is not a criticism of the members. I'm sure they're a very sociable lot. Or the town. Interesting and friendly. But the course is dead. I come from outback Qld and my home course was a nine hole patch of dirt in a small mining town. But it had more grass on the fairways and grass greens. This was mainly due to the week in week out toil of members and friends. Sorry to say I lobbed in to have a hit on Sunday and couldn't see a player anywhere. Went into town to have a beer instead at one of the great looking pubs. Have played all over Oz and hope this course can be saved for the town's benefit. The Relic.
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I think OKIDOK911 sounds like he's new here and to golf. Not all clubs has access to water recycled or otherwise, ignorance is all you can expect from some city slickers, to the plight of some country courses. If you ever come back come in Winter and make yourself known and I'll give your $5 back, if the wifey wants a park put one in your own backyard. Amazing how some people who think they are are golfers expect the locals to find find 2 - 3 hundred thousand dollars a year so they can play a round of golf once every few years when they visit the rellies. Suggest you find out what it takes to run a golf course and the costs before you start doing reviews about country courses. Stay in Adelaide
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I hear that the Port Pirie course used to have greens on it and you can see it with the size of some of the scrapes. It's a shame that they changed however certainly understandable. The lay out of the course is quite reasonable, but the course hasn't been in good condition when played. The fairways were dry, grass being a rare commodity. At times though in the winter months I'm sure that the coverage is much better, and the course more enjoyable. For one of us it was very enjoyable anyway as their score was the best of their life. One of the few courses with a par 3 as the hardest hole and at over 200 metres it's easy to see why. It's also quite an interesting contrast between the 13th and 14th as you go from a 491 metre par 5 with OOB down the right hand side for the length of the hole to the tiny 107 metre par 3. There isn't too much trouble on this course provided you keep it within the fence line, and is probably a good course to play for those new to the game or those who are particularly fond of scrapes. TandM
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Im new here and Im relatively new to golf as well. Im addicted to the game, although not good at it. I traveled north of Adelaide to visit my wife's family in Bute. So, I was looking for a golf course within the vicinity. I played in Wallaroo. Then, I stumbled upon Port Pirie Golf Club. I was looking for the green fairways as I parked, and I was not able to see them. I dropped my $5 green fee. I hit the first drive. Lo and behold, it was dirt all the way when I walked. Little bit of a patch of dried up grass, then dirt, then a patch of dead grass, then dirt again. They should close this golf course because, as the wifey said, it should be a park, or a bush walking trail. I do not recommend this course at all. I played the first hole and the second hole en route to my car, then home. I knew that I would not be so disappointed in my next stop of course, which was the Clare Golf & Country Club.
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