Peterborough Golf Club

18 Holes
PAR 72
6033 M
3 Reviews
This site was the only way I could see to mention Orroroo golf course. A very different bush course 50k from Peterborough. Winding, grassy fairways over hill and dale around a Lions Park and swimming hole! Well known in the area as an "interesting" course. Black sand scrapes and plenty of wildlife. The Relic.
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Measures 6033m Par 72 with four par 3s ranging from 115-173m, ten par 4s ranging from 325-395m and four par 5s ranging from 447-513m. Course has 18 black soil greens with mostly straight holes and no bunkers. Pretty boring basic golf. Fees vary from $2 during November-March to $5 during April-October. The course is located on Park Street on the northern edge of the small town and slightly higher than the town itself at approximately 540-580m above sea level. Peterborough is a small town of around 2000 people at approximately 535m above sea level. Nothing more than basic golf facilities here so I'd recommend the closest grass green courses at either Burra or Port Augusta or if keep driving along the Barrier Highway you'd reach Broken Hill! Clubhouse can only be reached on competition days (08) 8651 2012
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a true bush course in as much as its layed in and around typical south australian scub. set around the base and on the sides of a largeish hill. it makes for some interesting shots when approaching and playing down off the sides of this scrub covered hillside. to add to the challenge a creek runs right around the hill and across most of the fairways, making short shots a serious difficulty if dropped into the deep sections,also there are some serious deep cutaways and erosions that make bad shots a nightmare so make sure you have your LW handy when playing. the only real downside to the course is the longish weedy grass on the fairways making it very hard to find your ball, let alone when hit into the rough. most locals dont use an expensive ball when playing preferring not to spend hours searching for lost shots and to take the penalty and play on. having said that this is a very challlenging course with well maintained scrapes and very affordable at $5 fees (may rise for on seasons. well worth a round if your passing through and have the sticks handy.

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Park Street, Peterborough
Flinders Ranges & Outback, SA 5422, Australia