Fleurieu Peninsula
Mount Compass Golf Course
18 Holes
PAR 72
6116 M


Modelled on the Links style courses of Scotland and England, the international-standard Fleurieu Golf Course is comprised of 18 challenging and interesting holes.

The course has many sand traps and water hazards that will test your skill as well as top quality putting greens.

18 Hole International Standard Course featuring large greens, water hazards and open fairways.

Soft spikes are essential.

20 Reviews
What a gem of a golf course, not that far from Adelaide CBD passing through wine country. The course layout and condition is first class. A must play when in Adelaide
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Really enjoyed this course. The houses on 2 and 3 are too close, why do developers keep doing this, although they are still decent holes. Once you get to the 5th it is golfing heaven for rest of the day. The 5th is a great par 3 with the natural vegetation making it's first appearance. The next will be put into my favourite 100 holes list. The par 4 6th is downhill and not long but the deception around the tee shot is fantastic. The short hitter has clear sight of the fairway and can run the ball 150-190m down the middle. However the hole then turns to the right and all the long hitter can see are the fairway bunkers with the actual fairway being hidden by natural vegetation from the tee to the main landing area. You can also see the green to the right of these fairway bunkers and don't know how far the run out is. Once you get down there it is apparent the landing area is quite generous but it is a wonderful piece of deception. The large green sits diagonally into a dune covered in native ferns and has 3 tiers so moving the pin changes the line of play and the length of the hole.

Most of the greens are very big and tiered which is like having 2 or 3 greens to play too on each hole and I imagine being a member here that no 2 days would be the same. The par 5 10th is only short but narrows into a chute past the fairway bunkers making the long hitter tread carefully off the tee and the green is elevated with open farmland in the background and has a ridge across the middle making it important to be on the right part.

The 11th is a good long par 4 that sits up high on the outskirts of the property and gives a view across most of the course and the clubhouse. I was happy to hit the fairway because it gave me more time to take in the scenery.

The course could be in better condition, the greens were very soft, but it was good enough not to ruin what is a great game of golf.
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Unfortunately have to agree with the previous reviewer: the course isn't being looked after very well. I say unfortunately, because this could be and obviously was, a great golf course. I played in winter and it was plenty green but just overall unkempt. Great design and that's the most important thing. There seemed the right number of hazards in and off the playing lines, as well as undulating fairways, some blind shots and plenty of challenges. Thinking about the shots and trying to hit them was great golf. The views are rural on most of the holes and aside from a couple of holes that run parallel on the back nine, you're mostly isolated from the other players. The downside was the bunkers being discoloured by moss, weeds and grass, as well as the sand being washed/blown away; the paths needing repair, the rough, tee boxes and other hazards becoming a little overgrown and the overall feel that money was tight and not being spent around the course.
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Played this course today as part of the Fleurieu Golf Championship. Course has seen better days and is not being cared for at all well. We were told to tee up even on fairways on 15th, 16th and 17th holes-they said it was due to a competition coming up but it certainly wasn't to preserve grass on the fairways-there were huge patches where there were none! If you go just off the fairway you end up in these huge grass things which swallow balls and can't recover. Hence, very punishing on only a small push or fade shot. Staff told us prior to teeing off to hit provisional balls if we go off the fairway. Overall, I would currently rate this course as extremely poor and I thought it was embarrassing for the South Australians in a competition that has had lots of interstate interest-not representative of the quality of our other courses.
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It is very easy to fall in love with this course and I promise you that you will come back over and over. As you look over the left sweeping first tee, you know it will be a good day regardless ! Be brave and take the driver off the 1st tee and aim at the 100m marker which should leave you a 9 iron or wedge into the green .. An easy start to the course which can punish with the large fairway bunker at the turn and the 2 greenside of 89 bunkers on this course... A good par here. On to the 2nd , Oh how I wish to be able to draw the ball off the tee.. Aim middle and the ball should feed nicely.. You come to the first risk/reward shot for your round don't hit a long iron or wood properly and you will find water short and right or miss the narrow opening to the green.. Safe bet is to lay up 100-120 m out and play 3 to the green with a few tricky pin placements.. Watch for the bunker at the back right of the green Now to hole 3, A slicer and cutter's nightmare! be conservative off the tee unless you can skirt the trees and the bunkers at the left.. don't hit too far as you may roll into the magumbi long and right.. A well-executed iron takes you to a 2 tiered green (right over water carry).. Good luck The 4th is simple enough for us who don't bomb our drivers, water right and short of the green; stay left but avoid the fairway bunkers between the 100- 150 markers Onto the 5th, choose your club carefully taking into consideration the direction/ force of the wind... between a 5 and a 7 iron normally suffices. Most players are defeated by the 6th off the tee! Don't be... a good iron left of the magumbi leaves you at about 150 out to a 3 tiered green.. A good drive aimed directly at the flag will leave you pleasantly surprised by the result.. Go on , have a go ! A very reachable par 5 7th follows Keep drive left over the hill, be aware of water hazard on right with second shot. The gorgeous 8th hole not out of place on any championship course. Drive well to find the fairway between awaiting bunkers left and right. A good solid iron will take you over some awaiting bunkers left and a tricky green. A good par if made.. Club selection is crucial on the par 3 9th especially if the pin is cut at the top. The par 5 10th polarises players like no other Love it or hate it.. Don't even think of taking the short cut past the 8th hole , that's OOB .. don't drive too far or risk the magumbi left and right, thread the needle for the sweeping second shot, lay up far enough for your third or play for a tight cross green with awaiting bunkers short and left.. stay on the high side !... Up the hill to the 11th Enjoy the magnificent view as you catch your breath Whatever you do , don't go right . Lots of magumbi and 3 off the tee beckons hit a solid long iron to the green and allow for the left to right slope to take you ball onto the green. Ah the 12th!!!!! the signature hole, the joy, the nightmare, my last 5 rds have scored 7,4,7,3 and a 9 yep it's a par 3 if brave go for the flag but take enough club to carry water and the bunker .. if not bail out left and use the contourwater ?? What water?? A short par 4 13th follow but avoid the magumbi left, sometimes being further back of the tee is better than being long and making the bunkers to the right Risk v Reward again. A very long iron and sometimes 3 wood 14th par 3 , better right and short than left and long !!! The 15th par 5 again challenges you to use more of the clubs in your bag depending on wind, be sure to make the turn at the 100m mark with your second as the difficulty rises considerably . The 16th par 4 ( as with the 8th) would not be out of place on any great course Driver / 3 iron is sometimes required into a usually heavy head wind ! the green dips down after a rise so take enough club to make that rise Left of the green is a tough bunker if the pin is cut to that side.. Open the shoulders on the 17th par 4 and give it a rip over the crest take a wedge/ 9 iron to (in my opinion) the best green on the course An easy 3 wood to the right of the big tree off the 18th hides the trouble ahead I did mention the out of bounds to the right! a raised green necessitating an extra club or 2.. An overhanging tree short of the green and a couple of inviting bunkers to a back to front sloping green leave yourself a downhill putt and the dreaded 3 putt awaits Enjoy this course, enjoy seeing the roos, enjoy the layout, the challenge and a drink with one of the best views from the clubhouse .. I'm hooked and in love !!!
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Measures 6116m Par 72 with four par 3s ranging from 140-201m, ten par 4s ranging from 321-408m and four par 5s ranging from 438-510m. Course was architecturally designed by the Crafter family and ever since the course opened in the mid-1990s the open links-style layout with minimal trees and lots of bunkers and mounds has gained a reputation to be quite a challenging layout. There are couch grass fairways on the front nine, whilst the back nine consists of fine upright natural grass. The creeping bent grass greens are sizable and roughly 20-30m long and wide. In terms of hazards, there are up to 6 ponds/lakes and other red-staked vegetation areas on the front nine but only 1 large pond on the back nine. Every hole is bunkered with a total of 87 bunkers on the course. Highlights include: the 358m slight bend left 3rd (index 2) which has 3 fairway bunkers left off the tee with another 4 bunkers around the green and red-staked ponds along the rightside rough from the tee to the 30m wide green; the 353m 6th (index 4) which can be played either as a 60 degree dogleg right around the red-stake pond and low vegetation or if you take the ball 220m off the tee over red-stake pond and low vegetation you have to avoid the fairway bunkers left and right 100m out of the green which is guarded by 3 bunkers: long, short right and 30m short right; the most bunkered hole on the course (with 9 bunkers) at the 442m slight bend left 10th (index 5) is a risk-reward Par 5 hole with internal OOB left off the elevated tee with 2 fairway bunkers short right off the tee and another 2 bunkers long left at the dogleg corner off the tee which narrows to low scrub vegetation with a bunker 100m short right rough off the green with 4 bunkers which is visible through the low vegetation if you look over the 8th tee from the 10th tee; and the signature 173m 12th (index 13) which requires a teeshot along the edge of a large pond to a green with 3 bunkers. Fleurieu is the second-most bunkered and second longest (behind only Links Lady Bay) of the 7 layouts on the Fleurieu Peninsula (others being Links Lady Bay, McCracken, South Lakes, Victor Harbor, Willunga & Wirrina Cove). The heavily bunkered, open and relatively devoid of trees layout is reminiscent of McCracken and Links Lady Bay layouts. The back nine has the more challenging holes with pick being 10, 11, 12 & 16. The par 3s are well-bunkered but with the exception of 201m 14th (index 7) which plays gently uphill all play gently down to the green below the tee. The course has an unusual internal OOB along the left side of the 10th fairway and the rightside of the 18th fairway, which I assume protects players on the 8th tee and the practice fairway respectively. The course uses bore water and reclaimed effluent from the town to irrigate the course. Remember the blue pegs are 150m to the FRONT of the green and the orange/red pegs are 100m to the FRONT of the green. There are some good views from the highest point on the course at the 11th tee. Course and town elevation is approximately 240-280m above sea level. Course access is from George Francis Drive about 58km south (or 1 hour along the A13) from the Adelaide CBD. Less than 30 minutes to Victor Harbor or Goolwa. Fleurieu is one of SEVEN 18-hole grass green courses within the Fleurieu Peninsula area which has around 50000 people. Mount Compass has around 700 people and is located about 58km (or 1 hour) south of the Adelaide CBD and approximately 240-280m above sea level. Played here on 15/10/2012 off the back plates with $30 weekday green fees and $40 weekend green fees. Good clubhouse and practice facilities here too. I have to agree with others that this course is one of the better challenges and layouts on the Fleurieu Peninsula along with Links Lady Bay and Victor Harbor. Will play again if distances are marked on the fairway sprinkler heads
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