Eyre Peninsula
Streaky Bay Golf Club
9 Holes
PAR 72
5852 M
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Streaky Bay measures 2932m Par 36 with two par 3s ranging from 123-153m, five par 4s ranging from 323-383m and two par 5s ranging from 465-477m. Course has 9 black soil scrapes with a few different tee mounds. There are synthetic grass mats used for some teebeds. There are couch grass surrounding the scrapes and some, if not all, fairways are couch grass. Course has a linear 2-hole width layout between Montgomerie Terrace on its northern boundary and Park Avenue on its southern boundary. Holes 1-6 are over the road whilst hole 7-9 are on the clubhouse side of Bay Road. Fees are $10 1st/10th 383m straight hole, rated the hardest, cross Bay Road to the tee 2nd/11th 465m slight dogleg left cross Crawford Terrace roadway to the tee 3rd 123m / 12th 188m decent par 3 4th/13th 332m gentle dogleg right 5th/14th 323m straightish hole cross back over Crawford Terrace roadway to the tee 6th/15th 153m par 3 with a white sand scape 7th 477m straight hole/ 16th 507m slight dogleg left, cross back over Bay Road and tee off the synthetic grass mat to the only hole with 2 black soil scrapes. 8th 337m slight dogleg left / 17th straight 355m same black soil scrape used but different teeing areas 9th/18th 339m straight par 4 Streaky Bay is a small town of around 1200 people about 110km (or 1 hour) south-east of Ceduna along the scenic Flinders Highway. Picturesque town with some good attractions but the course offers basic golf facilities. Hopefully they use reclaimed water for the course and turn this little layout into 9-hole grass green course. Clubhouse access is from Montgomerie Terrace.
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Montgomerie Terrace, Streaky Bay
Eyre Peninsula, SA 5680, Australia
General: 0886261294