Valley View Golf Course
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Valley View Par 3 Golf Course is set in the beautiful parklands of the Thomas Turner Reserve.

It is an 18-hole course wrapped around a gently sloping hill and it is ideal for players of all ages.

There are many benefits to playing at Valley View: the shorter course means less walking, and you will take fewer strokes to go round, so it’s less tiring.

This makes Valley View great for beginners, children and seniors.

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Valley View is a short par 3 course which measures 1499m Par 54 with holes ranging from 60-146m. There are only 4 holes greater than 100m in length here. The course has 18 tiny Santa Ana couch grass greens which tend to be bumpy to putt on. The greens are no larger than 8-10m long x 6-8m wide. The teeing grounds are quite disappointing with mostly synthetic rubber mats which are not in very good condition. There are only 2 bunkers here (at 16 & 18) and there are no water hazards with the Dry Creek forming the northern boundary of the course. Highlights include: the 146m 10th (index 1) with the bunkerless green slightly below the tee; the 60m 16th (index 18) is a flat hole with a bunker short left; and the 100m 18th (index 4) with the green slightly above tee to a bunker left. Despite being only par 3s one feels the length of these holes are too short to be used as a practice course as full-length golf courses does not generally have holes less than 100m in length. Valley View is a Council-owned golf course which is run by Casa Leisure Pty Ltd who manage a few community-owned facilities in SA & NT. Valley View is in reasonable condition with plans to install all new synthetic grass tee mats (1.5m x 1.5m) on concrete slabs like on the 17th and 18th teeing grounds at the moment. The course could have a few more bunkers to be on par with North Adelaide's Par 3 course. Greater Adelaide has three 18-hole Par 54 golf courses: the other two are Cudlee Creek in the Adelaide Hills and North Adelaide's Par 3 course. Course access is from Grand Junction Road in the suburb of Valley View near the Modbury. Played here 14th October 2012 with $15 green fees 7 days a week. Of Adelaide's Par 54 layouts, the North Adelaide Par 3 course is the shortest but is by far the more bunkered and better conditioned at the moment.
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Very well maintained, but there are too many holes around the 60m mark. There's better par threes out there with greater variety, however if you're just starting out, Valley View is your course.
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This is my most local golf course (just down the road) so i go here alot. it is only a par 3 but it is great for a relaxing day of golf especially with a couple of mates. course is maintained well and greens are becoming very good now with the change of greenkeeper of the last couple of years.
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I am a newbie to the golf scene and i pay this course a fair because its a great 18 hole course and is great for your short game, most of the holes are very simple and straight forward if you can hit straight your on the green. I found you can play a round with 3 clubs a PW for most tees, an 8 iron for one hole thats 147m and of course a putter! The shortest hole is about 60m and the longest is 147m but most holes are around the 70m mark. I found the greens to be a little slow but in good condition the course is a must for those who enjoy a quick round to sharpen up chipping skills, or for the beginners beginner (which is what i fall under), its a place where you can take you girlfriend/wife or both :) for a bit of family fun. They have a small pro shop with a few sets of clubs, tees, balls and other goodies and you can hire the 3 clubs if you need. There is a driving range next door if you need to smack the cover off some balls which is also good value for money! If your in the area drop in to valley view and have a round you will enjoy it!
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Let me start off by saying the I am as amauter as they come when playing golf, only owning a 5 iron and a putter, but after playing on this course, I actually gone out and bought my own set and have started playing on the par 72 courses around Adelaide.

If you have never played golf before or only do it once every six or so months then taking a shot at this par 3 course will satisfy that golfing craving while temping you to try for that hole in one.

The fees are pretty cheap, just under $10 on a saturday morning for 18 holes and the rules are fairly relaxed regarding clubs. As long as you have two clubs and one of them is a putter, then you have no problem.

The holes are fairly straight foward, given the amount of space to begin with, all you have to do is hit it straight down the fairway on to the green. There are some man made hazards such as a large concrete drain with a ravine to the right, you have to make sure you hit that ball straight, or otherwise you may have to do a drop.

There are a few sandtraps in the later holes but are easy to get out of, even for beginners. Seasoned golf players may be unimpressed with the course overall and may be fighting the urge to smack the ball down the driveway, but this course is designed for the average joe.

There are the standard fare of facilities onsite, a small pro-shop selling sets of clubs and other miscellanous golfing bits and pieces. Clubs can also be rented onsite and you can practice on the putting green and if you want to smack the crap out of the ball, a driving range is next door.

Realistically, you need only three clubs to play this course if your golfing experience is limited, a 5 iron for the tee off, a pitching wedge for chipping and the trusty old putter. If you got nothing to do and want to waste a few hours, then give Valley View Par 3 a go.

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