Two Wells Golf Club
18 Holes
PAR 69
4837 M
5 Reviews
Two Wells measures 5199m Par 70 with six par 3s ranging from 112-200m, eight mostly short par 4s ranging from 223-397m and four par 5s ranging from 450-546m. Course has 18 black soils greens with short par 4s with only the 397m 14th (index 3) being a challenging length. Three par 5s are over 500m in length but still does not change the fact that Two Wells barely offers basic golf facilities. Fees are $5 Course access is from McPharlin Road (dirt road) about 6km esat of the Two Wells village. The course is 45km north of Adelaide CBD on the Adelaide plains. There are 9-hole grass green courses within 20 minutes drive at Penfield or North Lakes. Or keep travelling north to Balaklava to play 18 holes on a grass green course.
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Against the advice of previous reviewers this course was played in the middle of a hot summer and the review may be skewed accordingly. I don't know of too many essentially full length courses that are consistently as short as Two Wells. On the front nine your driver and woods/metals probably aren't required, and given the nature of the scrub surrounding the course you shouldn't be hitting them anyway. Some of the back nine is a bit longer, however the hard ground balances that out. The start of the course is one of the most amazing I've played, and may polarise golfers who will love or hate a blind par 3 to begin with. When you get to the tee you are surrounded by scrub, with a red disk visable through a narrow gap in the trees the only indication of what direction to hit the ball. Being a short hole, it is definately possible for all members of your group to still hit the scrape, and obviously have no idea that you have. The problem with having such an amazing hole first up is that the course is then somewhat disappointing in that you don't reach those lofty heights again. In fact, the second best hole could well be the 18th with a gully and bush interesting features on what is yet another short par 4. With no flags or rakes it was tough on the scrapes, and they were super fast as far as scrapes go. Lots of trouble around Two Wells, and definately a winter course. Oh, and the well on the 14th I think it is is a nice touch, but had us asking where the second one was... TandM
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This course is brilliant as long as you are not a scrapes snob and is very challenging due to numerous trees around the course. It is best played in winter as it relies on natural winter rains as irrigation to green the fairways. A great bunch of people to have a game and a beer with on the Saturday competition and a very nicely maintained course in a natural park reserve setting. A great place for learners to hone their skills as it not usually crowded and you can take your time. I take my young son there so he can learn this great game.

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The Two Wells Golf Course is a unique course and is challenging to the amatuer player.

Its long Fairways make a great day out with picnic areas around the course.

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I have never been a fan of scaps, and if that was the only problem it migh not be so bad.

Is a winter only course as they dont water any of it. If you must play here wait until the rains have come, and then go a bit further and play at Balakava

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