North Lakes Golf Course
9 Holes
PAR 70
5628 M
6 Reviews
North Lakes measures 2796m Par 35 IN (2934m Par 35 OUT) with 9 greens and 18 tees. There are two par 3s ranging from 116-145m, six par 4s ranging from 325-398m and the 447m Par 5 4th/ 472m Par 5 13th. As mentioned the back nine tees are all further back than the front nine tees but are relatively close to the front nine without changing the par of the hole. The short-to medium sized wide tree-lined fairway layout has a red clay-base which becomes more visible under the treeline with the rough having numerous dirt clumps. Course has small-to-medium sized penncross bent grass greens which are its best attribute greens are well-paced. The kikuyu grass fairways also consist of cool season wintergreen rye grass and are a little patchy places. The teebeds consist of Santa Ana couch grass and is fairly flat but small. All holes except the 339m 1st/367m 10th are bunkered with a total of 19 bunkers on the course. 1st-339m / 367m 10th is a slight bend to the left and gently uphill to 15m long x 10m wide green. 2nd-145m / 158m 11th is probably the best par 3 on the course with a green slightly above the tee to a green guarded by a bunker short right. 3rd-325m / 333m 12th is a slight bend to the right and gently downhill with a fairway bunker on the right off the tee to a 20m long x 15m wide green guarded by a bunker short left. 4th-447m / 472m 13th is the only Par 5 on the course and doglegs 45 degrees right off the tee with a fairway bunker 80-90 short left of the green which is also guarded by 2 rightside bunkers. 5th-342m / 349m 14th is a mirror of the previous hole, but shorter, and bends left to a 20m long green guarded by a bunker right. 6th-116m /130m 15th is probably the easiest hole on the course. There are 2 bunkers short left and right guarding the 20m long green. 7th-398m / 411m 16th is probably the most demanding hole on the course given its length and its slight bend left off the tee. There are 2 fairway bunkers right off the tee. There are also 2 fairway bunkers 50-75m short right of the green which is guarded by a bunker short left. 8th-345m / 367m 17th is a slight bend right and gently downhill hole with a fairway bunker 180-200m off the tee at the dogleg corner right to a green with a bunker left. 9th-339m / 347m 18th is a straight hole which plays gently uphill to a 20m long x 20m wide green which is well guarded by 2 bunkers rightside. Played here 10/10/2012 with $14 weekday green fees, $17 weekend green fees to play 9 holes. Mondays are $8. Course access is from the corner of Fradd Road and Stebonheath Road in the far north-western corner of the Adelaide metropolitan area in the suburb of Munno Para West. Overall, better course conditioning and challenges here than at the other 9-holer nearby at The Palms Mawson Lakes. I recommend a quick 9 holes here.
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I've played here 4 times over the last three months. Green Fees are $18 for 18 and $12 for 9 Tues-Fri, $22 & $15 Weekends/Public Holidays and $12 & $8 on Mondays. Membership could be regarded as high for 7 day Membership for what it has to offer. North Lakes is a Par 70 9 Hole course measuring in @ 5730m. Different tee blocks are used on the back 9 making it play 138m longer than the front 9. Why these aren't evened out is a strange one. There are four par 3's. The 2nd & 11th is very hard to hit in regulation due to the small elevated green and ranges from 145m-158m. The 6th & 15th is very easy as it's short and flat ranging from 116-130m. There are two par 5's. The 4th & 13th is a sharp dogleg right with a row of medium to short pines down the right hand side. Off the front tee log hits can cut some off the corner making the green reachable in two. Too far right and the green is harder to get near due to trees or a cross over bridge. Off the back tee cutting the corner is not really on unless the wind is from behind. This hole gives up easy birdie opportunities for the long hitter. There are twelve par 4's. These vary in length from short to very long with only the 9th & 18th being dead straight. The rest have a bend or dog leg. The fairways are a mixture of grasses with average to poor coverage and get quite narrow on some holes. There are a lot of bare patches and ordinary lies that can be found on the fairways. There is no mention of preferred lie on the card or the notice board which is surprising considering how poor the fairways are. There are a number of fairway and green side bunkers on the course which are kept in very average condition. Being a public course they should just fill them in and give ground staff more time to work on the rest of the course. Miss the fairway and you have some interesting lies to contend with tufts of grass. Other than that there's dirt, sand, trees, out bounds fence and water hazards to content with. The only water hazard that has to be worried about is on the left side of the dog leg left par 4 5th & 14th and the OOB is only in play for a monster slice on the par 4 3rd & 12th, the tee block does set you to the right of where you should go thou. The trees on the course are still relatively young in tree life so the are still medium to short but on some holes are spaced close together making a way through a narrow gap. The greens vary from small to largish, mostly flat and are slow to medium speed. The last time I played there (Mid Aug) they were excellent and very true. They do however suffer with a lot of un-repaired pitch marks on them. Pity some people treat courses like that. In Summary. This would be a good course if your just taking up the game and as it's not long and not difficult. Green fees are reasonable for what you get. Just play your own preferred lie.
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I'played this course around 5 times so far this year and for the price it's a pretty damn nice little course. The greens are always great and most of the fairways are pretty green as well.
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9 holes and fairly flat, they’ve tryed very hard to make this as good as they could on a budget. Boar water makes sure the greens remain as good as any I’ve played. The fairways are a bit rough in places, mainly because of the big dry. The whole place has been moulded from market garden, so you think it’d be fairly flat…. and you’d be right! Apart from the 2nd par 3, with a built up green, and a couple of elevated tees, it’s as flat as a tack. But it’s not dear to play, and the greens and bunkers make up for the drought belted fairways. A great play for mid to high handycappers and newbies.

P.S. they do have two old electric carts for hire, but you’d want to book ahead!!!

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i am a member of this club its a great 9 hole course nice placed and perfect grren well worth a play on very easy to walk and some really good hole there is one par 5 and it can be a challange.

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This course isn’t ever going to host a PGA event, but the greens could. The land is very flat, fomerly farm land, meaning it`s very green but aside from some green and tee elevation you’ll not be vertically challenged. The plainess in looks hides a good course though, subtle green undulations and cunning pin placement can mean some higher than expected scores. The people there are friendly and welcome all players barring Saturday morning comp. There were two hire buggies last time I checked, but most won’t need them as the layout is fairly easy to walk.

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