Adelaide Hills
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PAR 66
5150 M
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Delightful 9 holes in the hills. Pleasantly surprised by the quality of the course and was just challenging enough to keep you thinking. Was very relaxing Sunday afternoon round. Recommend for a quick round.
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Wow what an uninformed review by the Hatchman,I dont agree with the majority of the comments by this reviewer.I have been a member of Oakbank GC since the move from the race course in 1995 and would highly recommend any one to visit.You will experience a true country course presented in a professional manner with inviting ,well presented fairways and an atmosphere that many,unlike the Hatchman reviewer, will revisit time an again.We all look forward to new players and your families coming up and perhaps dropping into the clubhouse after your round for an ice cold bevy or two.
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Remember this is the course review and NOT the forum for your personal rebuttable comments on previous reviews (which have now been removed) Founded in 1892 Oakbank has transformed from its previous location on the racecourse to its current links-styled layout location. Since its move to its current location at the end of 1994, Oakbank opened its new links-styled course from January 1995 and now measures 2657m Par 34 IN (and 2616m Par 34 OUT) with three par 3s ranging from 134-165m, five par 4s ranging from 331-368m and the 460m Par 5 6th/ 439m Par 5 15th. There are 18 alternate tee mounds for playing the front and back nine holes, but the par of the hole does not change as these tee mounds are located a close distance from the front nine markers. There are 9 small bent grass greens which have reasonable speed and roll with rye grass green surrounds. There are no banks off the rear of the greens like you see in other country layouts. The fairways, teebeds and rough consist mostly of Santa Ana couch grass. In terms of hazards, there is one bunker which guards the 7th green. There are a few small ponds near some tees and greens and a natural creek which runs along the eastern boundary between the 6th & 7th fairways and Beasley Road. 1st-134m / 10th-121m is played gently uphill to a 15m wide and shallow bunkerless green. 2nd-334m / 11th-343m is a slight bend to the right, with OOB fence and vineyard along the right to a slightly left sloping fairway to a 10m wide bunkerless green. This hole is along the western boundary and is also the highest point on the relatively flat layout. 3rd & 12th-365m is a slight bend right to another 15m wide bunkerless green with an OOB garden posts over the rear of the green. 4th-368m / 13th-334m is a straight hole with the flag visible from the either front or back nine tee mound. The hole is played gently uphill to a 12m front-sloping long bunkerless green with a red-staked pond 20-30m short left side of the green in the fairway rough. I agree with the previous review that this is one of the better par 4s on the course. 5th-156m / 14th-171m is played gently downhill to the 20m long bunkerless green with a red-staked (dry) hollow 20-40m short right and along the left side of the green. 6th-460m / 15th-439m is probably the signature hole on the course which is a straight Par 5 hole played gently downhill with the flag visible from the tee. A natural creek runs along the right rough and cuts across the fairway 70-80m short of the 25m long left-sloping bunkerless green. 7th-344m / 16th-367m similar to the previous hole but is a straight Par 4 hole played gently downhill with the flag visible from the tee to a green with a bunker short right. I agree with the previous review that this is one of the better par 4s on the course. 8th-165m / 17th-140m is played from a slightly elevated tee with a green slightly above the tee to another 12m long bunkerless green. 9th-331m / 18th-336m is another straight hole which is played gently uphill with OOB right to a bunkerless green with the clubhouse garden and practice putting green also OOB. The club uses bore water to irrigate the fairways. There is currently no greenkeeper here with the course-run by volunteers. Despite no long par 3 or long par 4 hole the real challenge here is to hit the small greens in regulation. The layout is interesting without being too challenging: there are a few long walks back to reach the next tee on the finishing holesand the course could add a few more bunkers, but with no greenkeeper this option would not be viable. Played here 8th October 2012 with $15 green fees. Given its course location approximately 350-360m above sea level in the Adelaide Hills the course can become quite chilly in the cooler months. Course access is from Smith Street about 8km along the Onkaparinga Valley Road (B34) off the freeway or 32km south-east of the Adelaide CBD. Course conditioning here is one of the better conditioned 9-holers in and around Adelaide. I'd recommend a round here to anyone
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I played this course 10yrs ago and went back recently (3rd September) to see how much it has developed. I left disappointed and won't be back and will be telling others think of having a hit there to reconsider if they want to have an enjoyable day. Greens fees were cheap at $15. Oakbank is a 9 hole course that measures in quite short at 5273m for the 18 holes. Different tee blocks are used for the second 9 with only a few holes changing much off the second set of blocks. Par is 68 with a ACR of 67 suggesting that it's not as easy as the length may suggest. The greens are tiny in size but do have a fair amount of slope on them. Green speed was quick the day I played there. With the slopes on the greens combined with the speed and size made it near impossible to get near the hole when chipping/pitching from some angles. Putting wasn't much fun either across the slopes or going down hill. This made the whole Oakbank experience a waste of time and green fess money. How members can think this is acceptable to attract repeat green fees players is baffling. To put it into perspective I had an 8 foot putt straight up the slope, it sat on the front lip dead centre of the cup. I turned away in frustration that I lacked that bit extra for it to go in. When I turned around to go and tap it in, the ball had rolled 18 inches backwards away from the hole. I have played for over 30 years all over the country in open tournaments and pro ams on some slick greens and have never seen that sort of rubbish before. Back to the rest of the course. There are six par 3's ranging from 121m to 171m. The 1st and 10th is a tee shot to an elevated green that is narrow and small. The front half off that green slops sharply off the front. The others are tiny greens also. There are two par 5's. The 6th plays from a tee block 21m back further than the 15th with the tee shot requiring being straight off the tee through a narrow chute because of trees overhanging the flight path left and right. These are not in play off the 15th. 90m out from the green is creek that crosses the fairway. The creek follows the whole right hand side side of the hole starting from the driver zone for a big block or cut. The fairway narrows a little in the lay up area short of the creek. Big hitters could be tempted as there is about 60-70m of fairway between creek and green. Big river red gums do overhang the left side a little making you think is it worth it? Once again the green is tiny and on a slope. This would be the signature hole on the course. There are 10 par 4's ranging from 331m to 368. There is a mixture of slight doglegs and dead straight ones. All have tiny greens with only one of them not being on a slope. The 7th/16th and the 4th/13th are the most interesting. The 4th/13th is 368/334m dead straight with a small pond about 20m short left and a big gum green high on the right. The 7th/16th is 344/367m dead straight with the green guarded by a grass mound on the left and a bunker on the right. The fairways are well covered with a mixture of grasses. Off the fairway it's all long grass and broad leaf weeds. The trees are small to medium in size and are tightly spaced. There are a number off large bushes behind the greens on some holes. A creek wanders through the course filled water, reeds, grass and lined with river reds. The greens are tiny in size and all but 2 are on a slope. Chipping/pitching is challenging to put is mildly as there is no room to work with and the thick grass coverage see's the ball bounce and not take the spin. It was hard to find a pitch mark on some full blooded short irons. As for putting, good luck getting the ball to stop near the hole from range or even keeping it on the green if putting down hill. Such a shame they think this is acceptable to present their greens in this manner. The small size and slope makes them a challenging enough without the ridiculous speed. In summary. A pleasant little layout spoilt by mini putt putt novelty greens why,why why?
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