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PAR 71
5623 M
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Highercombe measures 5591m Par 70 with four par 3s ranging from 157-207m, twelve par 4s ranging from 234-430m and two par 5s ranging from 467-510m. Course has an undulating layout with short-medium size tree-lined fairways with a mixture of kikuyu/rye grass fairways with some patches of clover grass. The small greens have mixture of bent and poa grass and are relatively flat and play a little slow. In terms of hazards, there are NO bunkers on the front nine with a total of only 12 bunkers on the course. There are 3-4 storage ponds/dams towards the eastern (front nine) side of the course, but none are visible from the fairway, let alone in general play. Highlights include: the 207m Par 3 5th (index 5) with a teeshot over a gully to a narrow green which is slightly below the tee and a bank off the left side of the green; the 162m 10th (index 13) with an elevated tee about 20m above the green below which is guarded by a bunker 10-15m short; the 245m slight bend right 15th (index 17) with OOB road along the left and also another OOB road verge on the right from the dogleg corner right with the green not visible from the slightly elevated tee to a 2-tier left-sloping green guarded by 2 bunkers; the 510m slight bend right 17th (index 3) with a left-sloping fairway to a bunkerless green; and the 157m 18th (index 10) with 3 bunkers guarding the 20m long green. Course has a reasonably hilly and short Par 70 layout. Not an overly challenging course for the more accomplished golfers, however, the despite the back nine being shorter than the front nine, the back nine is a little more interesting with the bunkers coming into play. The course is not an overly pretty course to the eye with infrastructure services visible on the course: a transmission line across 1, 4, 9, 12 & 17; and the Adelaide-Mannum pipeline visible along the 11th hole and 12th tee. Generally, most holes play gently-to-steeply downhill to a bunkerless green with no bunkers guarding the front of the green, therefore, you can play a club shorter and run it to the green which are small with a roll-off bank over most of the greens. The par 3s are quite varied in length but 3 out of 4 are played downhill to the green. The back nine has a stretch of six consecutive par 4s from 11-16 and are all short and relatively weak ranging from 245-338m in length. Played here on 7th October 2012 with $25 green fees 7 days a week. There are decent practice facilities with a practice fairway up to 200m long between the 13th & 17th fairways. Course access is from Paracombe Road about 24km from the Adelaide CBD. Being located in the Adelaide Hills the course elevation is approximately 380-420m above sea level. Not a bad course for the beginner.
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I played here in early July for the first time in 6 years since being a member to see how much has changed / improved. At the time I stopped playing they were moving a lot of dirt onto some holes to stop good shots from rolling off a long way from where they landed. The work done on these holes has made those holes more enjoyable. Highercombe is a 18 holes par 70 measuring in at 5591m with a AMCR of 70 suggesting that it's not as easy as it's length might indicate. 7 years ago of 5-6 handicap I had to shot 1-2 over to play to my handicap. I would regulaly shot 4-5 over in the morning and go out 0.1, then play at anther club in the afternoon shooting a simalr score that would see me go down 0.2 - 0.4. Back then it was also par 71 with only one hole changing in the 9th from par 5 to par 4. The length hasn't changed. From experience the up and down hills adds considerable length to some holes. There are four par 3's ranging from 157-207m. The two on the front 9 the 207m 5th and 183m 7th are index 5 and 2 respectively. The 7th green is nigh on impossible to hit and stay on regulation due to the firm tiny green. Think I manage once in three years playing off 5-6 handicap . The 10th and 18th are straight forward and easy in comparison. There are two par 5's of which neither are easy birdie opportunities. The 467m 2nd is over a crest with a dip to a green on a side slope that looks flat when it's not. You don't want to be above the hole when they have the greens slick. The 510m 17th is long and straight with the driving area on a side slop that runs rights to left. The fairway is generous and wide. The mounds and rough on the left stop balls landing on the fairway running into the trees now. If on the fairway you'll be faced with a ball above the feet lie for right handers so allowing for the next to go left is a must. The fairway flattens out about 180m out from the green. Medium to tall trees line the fairway on both sides. There are 12 par 4's ranging from 234m 5th to the 430m 9th. There is a number of challenging hole the front 9 those being the 1st, 3rd, 6th and 9th. There are a number of short holes offering good birdie chances but they do come with their own challenges to catch you out. The 285m 4th slight dogleg right has OOB on the left the comes more into play the closer you get to the green. The 234m 7th climbs a step hill. to elevated green. The big hitters can drive this, the long hitters will land 10m short or be in the long cut on the bank in front of the green. The back nine offers up five holes in a row ranging from 325-245m starting from the 11th. The 11th has a tricky elevated green with a slope back to front more than it looks and OOB on the right. The 12th is short but it's a climb up hill and doglegs to the right making it much longer than it's length with a flat green. The 13th is almost straight and is flat most of the way with a wide fairway. The 14th is dead straight with a fairway sloping left to right and has flat green at the end of it. An OOB fence follows the left hand side and is very much in play when trying to leave the perfect tee shot on the left side of the fairway. The 245m 15th is the easiest of all of them and birdie is definitely on if you have the courage with the tee shot. You hit from an elevated tee down to a green in the corner of the triangle of OOB fences on the left and right. Long hitters can knock a 3wood to the front left front edge without much effort. Driving the green is common here. The Fairways are a mixture of grasses but a responsibly well covered. None could be considered narrow. The mixture of up, down and side slope lies can make things interesting. Off the fairway there is a mixture of log grass/weeds, medium size tress, bare lies with small rocks, some bunkers and a few OOB fences to worry about. The greens are small to medium in size and a a little quicker than what I would regard as medium pace. They can be tricky as a few holes are on slopes but tend to look flat. Local knowledge helps here, there is no fun in putting a ball off the green. In Summary. If your on your game here you can blitz it and have a good day. Have a bad one and you pay for it with poor score. Yes it is a hard walk with the step climbs on the 1st and 8th getting the blood pumping and legs burning. The mounds on the sides of the fairways stopping good shots from ending up in horrible positions is a welcome addition. A course that's some where in between the public courses and the expensive privates.
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Is playing quite well at the moment. Fairways have improved, and greens are equally impressive. It is no longer the "goat track" of the early 2000's. Friendly members and pro shop staff make it a viable alternative to the "exclusive" TTG course.
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Course has bounced back in a big way. Very challenging. Fairways are in great nick at the moment, not as good as a 'sand belt' course perhaps but good enough to enjoy the whole round. Very picturesque, greens in great condition. Cant beat the value for money, about 35 - 40 bucks for round and 1/2 a buggy (which I recommend unless you are super fit)and the on course pro's are great blokes. Bring a few balls if you dont hit straight all the time though, you miss the fairway and into the rough and you are in a world of hurt. Big time. Love this course.
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Course coming along in leaps and bounds. copped a hammering over the winter but now starting to dry out and should be in ideal nick for club champs this weekend. now is the time to go and have a hit on it and give yourself a new opinion.
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played here on 15/3 and i gotta agree with the last review... give it a wide berth for a while..
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