Southern Inland QLD
Roma Golf Club
18 Holes
PAR 72
6263 M
4 Reviews
Located on the southern side of town, Roma Golf Club boasts one of the longest courses you'll find in the bush measuring 6263m. The par 72 track contains 3 par 5's exceeding 500m and 3 par 4's in exess of 400m. The firm and barren fairways nullify the length to an extent with some tee shots rolling a further 50m or so. This extra run can be an issue however around the greens with a huge contrast between the lush elevated putting surfaces and the rocky surrounds. If you miss the green, your ball can easily run 10m or 20m past the flag. The layout is fairly open with wide fairways and forgiving tree lines but there are a few green side bunkers and a sneaky water hazard that runs down the left of the 13th fairway and cuts across the 394m par 4 14th 250m from the tee. This is probably the best hole on the course with OOB looming down the right and a slight right hand dogleg to navigate as well. Roma is the only 18 hole grass green course in south-west Queensland and certainly worth a hit next time you're travelling through this vast region.
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The course has a fairly good layout although a little short. The dry conditions dont help that with extra ball run. It is tee up through the green which is definitely required. The green surrounds are left long, they would be considered first cut of rough on most courses. The greens themselves are in quite good condition and run true. In a place where your options are limited for activities this course serves it purpose.
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This is a good layout, however due to the weather extremes there are no real fairways to speak of. It is tee up through the green and it is certainly required as what grass there is on fairways and rough is little more than clumpy ground cover. The greens, surrounds and tee blocks are good with recycled water from the nearby treatment plant available for them. In fact the greens are the highlight, not too many humps and bumps, but a good speed and rolled exceptionally well. We played in the Tuesday comp and the Members were very friendly and welcoming. The comp fees of $15 was good value and, given the lack of nearby alternatives is a reasonable proposition if you need a hit. The course is an easy walk, even if most of the Members do ride carts. Carts are available for hire if the weather is too extreme.
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These greens (and tees) are some of the best in rural Qld. This is thanks to the treatment plant next door which supplies a limited amount of nutrient rich water. However that is where the enjoyment ends as the fairways have little in way of grass on them. Unless you tee up or carry a piece of artificial truf with you you run the risk of damaging your good clubs. Don't play this course in the summer as between the heat and the mosquitos you will regret it. Very social club and a good place to have a drink. But don't say I didn't warn you about the mosquitos - they are as big as light aircraft.

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