Southern Inland QLD
Proston District Golf Club
9 Holes
PAR 70
5524 M
3 Reviews
I'm probably more then a bit biased seeing as apart from home and work this place takes up the majority of my time, but I can honestly say that you will enjoy coming out at having a chop around our course. The Fairways, tees and greens are all well-maintained on a completely volunteer basis and we take more then a small amount of pride in our club. A full size 9 hole golf course with some challenging holes (for us C graders anyway). So if your up-down-at the south burnett or visiting the area, please call in and have a a round. If you see a big bloke kicking some random piece of machinery in the middle of a fairway say hello, It's probably me.
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A little country 9 hole course in the middle of nowhere best describes this place. Not really fair to compare it to a proper golf course as such since it is run by the local community. It is pretty much a full size 9 hole layout

They do a pretty good job considering the location. I was surprised to find semi-true grass greens out here. The best bit was turning up and finding not one soul out here. I had the course to myself. You never get that down in the big city. For that, I’d have to give it 2 stars.

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The Proston course has 9 holes laid out over gently sloping ground on the western outskitrts of the town.

While it lacks sand bunkers and has only one real water hazard, it remains a reasonably challenging course thanks to its layout and some longish holes.

Its greens are very well maintained, although the fairways can be a little patchy in dry times. However the overall condition of the course is a credit to the club members who volunteer their time to its upkeep.

The beauty of the course is its locale. Surrounded by bush with a scenic backdrop of red-soil farms and 'The Range', a game there is always soothing. Also (except for the sometimes competition on Sundays) you can mostly go at your own pace without the crush of people everywhere.

Best of all, the green fees are very reasonable at well under $10.

Overall, it offers everything that busy golf courses can't, and more.

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Southern Inland QLD, QLD 4613, Australia
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