Southern Inland QLD
Goombungee Golf Club
9 Holes
PAR 68
5268 M
5 Reviews
Due to the recent rain, this course is in great condition, especially around the greens. If you are after a quality country course, this is hard to beat. You can always get on and generally not many others in sight. It does tend to reward longer hitters, with the hard fairways the ball just keeps on going and not a whole lot of challenges off the tee if you can hit it straight. Overall for a country course it's quite good. I would easily rate this course up there with Borneo Barracks at Cabarlah.
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this is a good country course and if not for the lack of rain it would be great. without any carts you will have to walk all the way and if your not a straight hitter either you with have to retreave your ball or use numarise amount of balls. its a 2/5 for me but if some rain it could be a 3/5 for alot of people

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Not a bad little country course, but given the lack of rain in the area the fairways and rough are very thin. The green and tees were in O.K condition. Handy not to slice here as heaps of O.B. on the right. A nice quiet spot to have a bash.

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I love hitting off the hill on the sixth!!! The ball soars!!

The fairways are reasonable when green, but the lack of rain means your can be playing your shots off a tuft of grass, most likey tee up!!

Not bad for a try!!

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Struggling with dry conditions on the fairways, so take advantage of preferred lie. The greens are quite good and the course offers 2 elevated tee boxes and 1 elevated green. No problems, except for the fence line that could come into play from holes 1 through to 6.

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