Southern Inland QLD
Allora Golf Club
9 Holes
PAR 68
4316 M
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Despite measuring just over 4300m, Allora’s undulating 9 hole par 68 course offers up plenty of challenges that will test even the lower handicappers. There are a few birdie chances out there with the longest par 4 (9th/18th) measuring only 306m and a very inviting dogleg par 4 6th/15th at just 221m. The first three holes all play beside the New England Highway and all slope toward the left with Dalrymple Creek looming particularly on the 1st/10th. This is an interesting par 5 with a very narrow fairway which restricts to just 20m at the 280m mark. The best play is a medium iron off the tee then hope to clear the narrowest part of the fairway which leaves a very steep pitch into the most elevated green on the course.  Accuracy is a must at Allora especially around the small firm greens with severe slopes and thick rough swallowing plenty of misguided approaches. It seems course knowledge is imperative here and once you understand the layout your score should improve rapidly. The final hole is also an interesting one with the creek to navigate over and an almost impossible fairway to hit. Again this fairway is quite narrow and the green is tucked around behind some tall gums which can make for a tough finish.  Possibly the biggest surprise is the causeway you have to traverse over on your way down the final fairway. If the creek is flowing you either cautiously navigate your way through the water or you have to walk around the outside of the course and back over a bridge near the clubhouse and then make your way the wrong way back down the fairway to your ball! There are certainly a few oddities at Allora but the 9 hole layout is arguably the most interesting one on the Southern Downs which makes for an enjoyable hit on your travels between Warwick and Toowoomba. $15 for 18 holes.

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Played the course this morning after heavy rain yesterday. A bit wet underfoot and the mud takes some getting used to. A wonderful course with some very challenging holes. The greens are in very good condition and were being mowed as we went around, changing the dynamics on the second nine. I will definitely play here again.
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Played this course recently, The fairways were in great condition as it had been raining the week or so before and was just recently mowed. nice and green except a few odd spots where there was a lack of grass(keep in mind great condition for the price you pay) 1st green is deffinently a challange (keep your approach to the right at all costs!) Greens were in a so so condition, green but patchy with different species of grass. But not unplayable. Payment for us on a saturday morning was just depositing the money in a safety deposit box by the first tee and at $10 for 9 holes and $15 for 18 (repeated the nine but with different tees, however the placement of the back nine tees for majority of the course really did make a difference on how you attacked the hole). We played Saturday morning at 7am and were the only ones on the course untill we reached the 18th hole and came across the tailend of another group on the first. Just remember to bring extra balls and tees as there is no shop around (that i saw)
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I think the dry conditions have hurt this course immensely. It is very easy to find. When driving between Toowoomba and Warwick it is right next to the highway.

The clubhouse shares itself with the local bowls club. You can just imagine the social atmosphere that is had here!

First hole is an immense par five with a highway on one side a river down the other and a green that is about 5 metres above the fairway. If you are on for three it was a great three.

Second hole a par four, one side the highway again and the other a hill down to the sixth hole. There is also a big hole in the fairway which you do not want to pitching out of. To a green which is perched on the edge of another really big hill. Not for the faint hearted.

The third is a par four, driveable but beware as about two metres past the hole is out of bounds. There is also the highway down the right.

The fourth is a par three!! Yay for a par three. A tricky par three that you do not mind being short of the green. If you go over the back there is that big hill again. If you miss to the right a big hole, which if your ball goes down there you don't even bother chasing it.

The fifth hole is an interesting one, teeing off of the hill makes the big hitters itchy, I have been known to be one of them. Be very careful, this green is reachable in one but hit the fairway in the wrong area and your ball could suddenly be sucked into the river on the right. Stay left!!

The next hole is the easiest one on the course and the safest. Get your driver out and hit it hard. Par four reachable in one a big hill behind that will bring your ball back to the green. Proud to say that I have eagled this hole!!

Next is a sneaky par three that is basically an island in the river. Miss the green and your in the drink. Some players say play short and chip on, I say go for it and get another ready just in case.

The eighth is the easiest par three, a wedge would just about pull you up on this hole. Nice little shot into the shade!!

The final hole is a monster par four, if you reach this green in two you hit two great shots. Down the middle of the fairway runs the creek, so aim left or right!! If you are right the second shot will have a few trees in front. If you are left your have to chip over a lot of trees to make it to the green. Overshoot the green and you could be in the creek again. You will be glad to finish this hole.

Dry weather makes this course hard as your balls will run further and most likely into trouble. When green the course is fun, but is still very challenging. If you have a spare moment and some spare balls have a go at it!

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