Central Queensland
Ingham Golf Club
18 Holes
PAR 71
5831 M
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Played here yesterday and can only say it was a great golfing experience. A local member leant me a set of (quality) clubs and trolley which I shared with a mate, and spent the next 4hrs or so really enjoying our time on the course. Thankyou very much. The fairways were in great condition, greens a little bumpy but for $15 what can you expect, you're in Ingham not Royal Brisbane.
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The effects of Cyclone Yasi are still very evident on this course, 8 months after the event. It has two distinct nines, the inside the racetrack nine and the outside the racetrack nine. Both are in very poor condition, although the back (outside nine) was worse and had only just reopened the week we played after the cyclone damage. The fairways were very rough and the greens in very poor condition. It was difficult to get a reasonable lie anywhere and putting was a lottery. Be aware if you do play this course that the 18th has a hazard in the middle of the fairway about 100 metres from the green. It is reachable from the tee, but not really visible. If you are heading North keep going to Tully and play there or El Arish. If you are heading South keep going to Townsville. Green Fees are $10 for 9 holes or $15 for 18 holes. One other thing to note is that the clubhouse is not open during the week and so there is no access to any toilets as they are inside the locked clubhouse and there are none on the course.
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Finaly some rain in the Tropical North.

Unable to play on my scheduled day, I accepted an offer from Peter from the Lucinda Point caravan park to join him and his park guests on their regular 14 hole social day.

As the organiser, handicapper and barman Peter gave me a stroke a hole. This proved a decent challenge on a course with two personalities.

Front nine inside the race track, long par fours and fives and not a tree in sight (plenty of mushrooms after the rain)

Back nine trees galore and a complete game change as we navigated around behind the track. Missed holes thirteen through sixteen which are the hardest (so I was told)

Lush fairways, decent variety, affordable, and great company. Beware the 11th, it sneaks up on you after the open spaces of the front followed by a par three.

The Relic

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Slightly difficult to find unless you know were you are going. Not well advertised and signed. A round of 18 holes cost $15. From what I can gather, the club house is not opened alll the time, so it is a honesty system for fees during this time. PLEASE SUPPORT THIS I SAY. Amenities in the club house and on the course are very basic. Carts are not available, however, a lovely member was kind enough to let me borrow his. If he reads this, THANKS. The first 9 holes are what they call the inside the race track nine. These 9 hole are simple, mostly flat, minimal hazads such as bunkers or long grass etc and have next to no trees. Be careful though, when teeing of on the 4 hole, remeber, it is a doglg left. From the 4th tee, the 6th hole green is about 280 yrs straight ahead and one could get confused as to which green one should be playing, as I did. When this happens, you will have trouble finding the next 5th and 6th tee of areas, however, I did recover. Most of these fairways and greens are basic and easy to play. The greens are slow however.

The back 9 are referred to as the outside the track 9. These holes are very differant. Most have large trees, water causes ways, ocassional bunkers and long grass for anyone who strays and plays poor. When on the fairway, it is alot easier. Again, the greens were basic, one or two do require good reading, but all seemed slow.

The only down side to the round I experienced was the obvious lack of proper and consistant greenkeeping and maintainance to all the course. I played between Xmas and the New Year... this may have been a factor. I lost a few balls, not from poor shots, but from goods shots that happened to land in some extremely lush area's both on and just of the fairway's, and for the life of me, I could not find.

Overall, not a bad course. If your in Ingham for a few days for what ever reason, if you play, give this a go. Not a challenging or pretty course, but one for a nice social day out.

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