Virginia Golf Club
18 Holes
PAR 72
6231 M

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Played holes 1-18 - greens had just been cut and rolled and were beautiful.  Rest of course was in good nick too.  Was busy but staff were helpful in moving slow players along.  Thought 39$ was good value for money
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To expensive. 
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Disappointed. I remember it being much better but yesterday we had sandy greens, patchy greens and GUR on fairways and greens. It's also fairly boring, up and down holes beside each other. For the uninspired - not the course to play.
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Average layout with average fairways, greens had been cored recently but greens were very firm which made it tough. Very scorable short layout that is quite poor considering the amount of land available.
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Good course with great greens! They same to be very consistent with their green maitenence....always smooth and quickish. Dinky layout, some holes quite simple looking but back tees, pins and seabreeze can make this course a nightmare! Overall, worth a game if in Brissy!
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Played Sunday 27th October and this course really is suffering from the current lack of rain. The fairway watering has kept the fairways in good condition but the rest of the course is looking very barren (this is not a criticism, just an observation). Not an overly difficult course, very straight, wide fairways, not a lot of trouble. Almost hard to lose a ball. Very reminiscent of a country course, tall timber, if you spray a drive over to the adjacent fairway it's very easy to make a recovery back. Members can be a bit rude when they're playing a comp, but I've found the majority of comptetion players think they God's Gift to the golfing world. A good hit for a lazy Sunday
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