Ipswich Golf Club
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PAR 72
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Established in 1897, Ipswich Country Club is the premier Community Sports Club in the Ipswich region.

Enjoy spacious surroundings while taking in spectacular views of the nearby mountain ranges and close proximity of the Amberley RAAF Base.

The club offers guaranteed trading hours, a brand new menu at affordable prices and is a very family friendly establishment with its own kids play area.

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The review from 9/5/15 is still an accurate reflection of this course. Got a cheap voucher and course was value for money however if you like a well maintained course this isn't the place for you. Greens are good however following recent impact of Cyclone Debbie there was a lot of damage to the other parts of the course. Bar / Pro Shop welcome was good and lunch pretty tasty.
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I played IGC on Friday morning, the 8th of May 2015. I was unsure about what to expect after reading mix review in this thread. I played IGC after seeing the course advertised on '' at $29 for 2 players including a cart and a free drink. I left the course with mixed opinions. The course had quite a good layout, with some spectacular holes. The greens were nice, they played moderately fast and quite true. Unfortunately they were very firm which made shooting at front pins difficult. However, the current condition is very ordinary. It reminded me of a course that you would find west of the great divide. The tee's were small, lacked grass and even quite uneven on some holes. About 1/3 of the fairways were atrocious. There was no distinction between the fairway and the rough. The grass was very patchy. The bunkers played quite well; the sand was soft and plentiful, but again lacking maintenance. It was clear the Ipswich Golf Club is a course that has been well designed, but hasn't been given the right attention for a period of time. With 6 months work the course could easily become one of the best courses in South East Queensland.
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By far the worst course I think I have ever played. The fairways are burnt, bald and full of dirt and stones, the first cut looks like it's never been cut. and lastly ant hills on all of the greens. I played yesterday, it's cheap but for obvious reasons now. The design is questionable by any means, the pin placement was nice and easy for the most part. I won't be going back to play again.
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Hi, Having been back playing Ipswich for about 3 months now and am quite impressed with the progress that is taking place. After all the turmoil and finally closure of the course, it was always going be a challenge to get things back to scratch. I played there on Saturday again and found the Greens in Great condition and the course itself clean of all the thick rough that was previously there many months ago. People have to remember, Ipswich has had very little rain and with a skeleton green staff on hand, everything can only move forward slowly at this stage, till membership builds up. Staff are very friendly, helpful and are trying their best, but all will take time.(remember this New course never had time to mature after it originally opened) One negative is there are a few groups of 5 playing on Saturday Comp day but hopefully that will disappear with extra members. Again go there with an open mind and as they play preferred lie, there is no excuse about hitting the ball off a decent lie. Oh yeah I took a 6 month membership last July and will certainly renew again January 2015 if all is still on the improve then. Cheers.........Peter
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Speed, your comments are valid BUT you need to remember this track closed months ago and the receivers have been running it just to sell it. No money spent on it and one guy doing the course , please be informed before you rabbit on about other courses. This could be a great track with a bit of maturing and some money spent on it. The terrible design features you mention are not disputed.
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If a bad day at golf is better than a good day at work well I need to get a different job. I just played one if not the worst golf course ever. Ipswich Golf club hang your head in shame. I have played several courses around Brisbane and the Gold coast. And a fare few country NSW courses. Little courses like Werris Creek, Curlewis(Sand Greens) Both at Tamworth courses, Forester, Tuncurry, Hunter valley, Launceston, I have even played at a place called Bendemeer and the list goes on. I have never walked off a golf course before but I near did here. The whole place was in dire need for some TLC. The first cutwhat first cut the fairways where rough hardly any grass cover, the second cut was Jungle and the rough well I wouldn't walk into it. The greens where inconsistent and flag positions where set for Adam Scott's handicap. All the sand bunkers need well I don't knowsand in them. Signage was at best poor, couldn't work out what tee was where. Cart tracks where goat tracks. Far too many hazards for average golfer. Visually couldn't see where the ball landed. I reckon if I played here again I would never play golf again. My advice is to stay away, but if you must play then take a heap of extra balls. Balls just disappear. If you think I'm tough then check this out. In conclusion get the lawn mower out and leave the catcher on, Round Up the jungle, put some sand in the bunkers move the tee off area on the second fix the cart tracks and put some more signs out.
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