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At just over 1600m for 9 holes, Corinda's par 31 course is a great place for a social hit and work on your short game. The four consecutive par 4's range from 216m to 307m and there are a couple of throwing distance par 3's one with an elevated tee and the other with an elevated green. The course is situated on quite low lying country and if you stray a few tee shots there are plenty of hazards and scrub to cost you some shots. Corinda is a great little social course and offers enough interest out there to encourage keen golfers to come back. Affordable green fees and accessible 7 days a week.
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Played here on Friday. Nice affordable little 9 holer + 18 hole Pitch & Putt tucked away in suburbia. Freindly staff, good service. Not much need 4 a driver here folks - can reach most greens with an iron. Some greens are a litte bit rough & poor drainage leads to some boggy patches on fairways. Pitch & Putt however is in excellent condition. Great place for a quick hit, a beginner or family day out. Tranquil setting & excellent overall facilities.
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Corinda has its challenges and offers a good course to play if you want to work on your short game. The fairways are tight and poor shots will have you in your bag getting another ball out. Last I played there the drainage was shocking and the fairways quite muddy.
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Great little course. I play here at least once a month as it is excellent value and fantastic for a quick hit.
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Corinda Golf Course is great Value for money! While other overpriced courses fail to provide that consistency between length and short game, Corinda upholds this balance that is essential in order to enjoy any course. Corinda can be played in a slow-paced afternoon, and while players will find this very relaxing, the course still contributes to the overall improvement of any ones game. While the first and last holes are a bit of a let down, it still is capable of providing a fun and enjoyable experience for any level of player. The Par 4s, set up Birdy opportunities on all occasions, and the Par 3s are capable of punishing any miss-hit. The course is very well looked after, and while it is by no means a 'Premier Course' in Brisbane, it still contains that scenery which is essential to the whole Golfing experience. Getting around in a buggy is no problem as all holes are consistently sloped, and while this may at first seem like a let down, it is eventually realized as an advantage to this particular courses style of play. While the overall length of the course is considerably short, the use of a driver on 3 or 4 holes must not be overlooked, as a good strike may highlight the chance of an eagle or safe Birdy opportunity.
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played here a few years ago shot a 34 the guys in the pro shop were very nice and helpfull nice little course always was greenkept well. also there is a good pitch and putt course there. and there is a fantastic driving range behind the course.
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