Albany Links Golf Course
18 Holes
PAR 70
3134 M
25 Reviews
This course is under going construction 2 weeks ago, but is still open for play. The par 4s are very long. Worth the fee even thou it's not 100%
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Updated review. The new management has steadily made improvements and have finally replaced one of the existing greens. However with the other 9 greens in poor repair and constant attacks from spur winged plovers, I've just given up turning up anymore (played there weekly for the last four years). Until both those issue improve it isn't value or fun at any price.
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I Play at Albany Links golf every week and have been for many many years. Yes the greens need work but understanding the situation I have to say tremendous work has been put in since the new owners of the course took over in January. The course can help you with your short game which is where most people come short. It's quite tricky in some places and having both a par 4 and 5 on a 10 hole course makes it interesting. There is a good vibe at this course with friendly and helpful staff. I Have been hearing a lot of good talk about their resident PGA and am eager to book my own lesson in with him. It's also cheap but they still run specials on week days, worth checking those out. Definitely some big improvements at this course in a short space of time, look forward to seeing where it is going but our group is positively happy so far. I would positively recommend this course but anyone not familiar with the course and history may be disappointed at first. It is also very noticeable how many new people have recently started playing here and how many old players are returning. It's been great but now we something struggle with parking
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Played here a few weeks ago having not played at the course for a good year. For a par 3 course you expect the greens to be in decent shape, this however was not the case the other week, the only decent green was on the 7th hole, all the others were either covered in weeds, just dirt with the odd grass patch or extremely wet(it hadn't rained in months and we were drawing water when walking on them). at 16 dollars for a round I think I will now be driving the extra 10 minutes up the road to 1 mile CC as not only is it cheaper, but is much better kept.
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Course is in very poor condition. All but two of the holes were par threes- i new this before i came and that's fine no suprises. But the greens were not only in very poor condition- ie/ lumpy, weeds, dead grass, they were also extremely small. If your going to run a par 3 course ensure the greens are well made and in very good condition. Worst course i have played. With a lot of work this course could be a nice pitch and putt with a par 4 and 5 (there's no reason there couldn't be a fourth par 4- it's kind of traumatic when you walk 250m across unused grassland to a 70m par 3). Some serious work (not necessarily massive amounts of money) needs to be conducted here to make it a decent little pitch and putt. The only reason i would come back would be if i suddenly find myself free on a saturday or sunday and haven't booked anywhere else.
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On the improve. New Greenkeeper has done a fantastic job. Greens in good nick. Pin positions were crazy. But played 20 holes in 3 and a half hours. Much improved! Need accurate measurements on holes.
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