Darwin & Top End
RAAF Darwin Golf Club
9 Holes
PAR 69
5435 M
5 Reviews
My favorite course in Darwin. Very long course, and most holes you need to be accurate or you'll probably have a tough shot from the trees. Fairways are very fast and the greens faster. I enjoy the greens, but sometimes the hard ground because of the lack of grass makes it hard to play a good shot. Usually a very quiet place and everyone is extremely friendly. I want to give it 1 star to direct people to the other courses and keep this place as Darwin's best course under wraps.
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Just to correct a post on here relating to access to this course. you do NOT need a RAAF permit to play on or access this course. The Membership is a combination of current and serving Members of the ADF, past Members and Honorary Members. The Honorary Membership is reviewed every year and there is a ceiling on those numbers. It is incumbent on all Members to attend a specific number of working bees throughout the year and if that commitment is not met the Membership is not offered in the coming year. A great Club, very friendly, challenging course and an enormous amount of work has been done on the course in recent times to see it in very good condition. Come and have a round and teach your self some very good habits as you need to be very straight to play this course efficiently.
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This 9-hole course has 2 sets of tees, and is par 69 for men and par 70 for women (rating 68 and 72 respectively). Because it is a defence course it was originally built only for men, with the women's tees added some years later, so on most holes the men's and women's tees are the same, which means it is incredibly long for women, including one par 5 over 500 metres. Although slow, the greens are well grassed and run truly, and the fairways had a reasonable grass cover. The fairways are mostly quite tight so accuracy off the tee is a must. The signature hole has to be the 8th, a short par 3 over a lake, unless you hit sideways from the tee there is only the tee and the green. The second time around the hole is a short par 4, long hitting men can go over the trees and lake to the green, the rest of us have to negotiate a very tight corner. We played there in their Open tournament, which had very generous prizes - between the two of us we came away with $200 worth of vouchers at the local RSL and $350 worth of vouchers at the local driving range/golf shop. Visitors are welcome for the Thursday afternoon 9 hole comp, not sure about other times. We would certainly recommend a game if you can get on, it is much more of a challenge than we expected.
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A nice little course that was quite green when I played there recently (Jul/Aug 08). Challenging but not difficult, with a clockwise rotation that doesn't punish a slicer too much. There are a few thick areas of rough if you are unlucky. An enjoyable experience, particularly in the dry season as the climate is very pleasant.

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A relatively easy course. Not challenging for advanced players, although it may have changed a bit since I last played there. The grass/ground quality depends on the season and how wet/dry Darwin has been. One of the major advantages to this course is that there are usually very few people playing on this course.

You will need a RAAF permit to access this course. You can enquire at the clubhouse (park at McDonalds on Trower Rd) or at the guardhouse (off the Stuart Hwy).

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