Wagga Wagga Golf Club

18 Holes
PAR 72
6209 M


Wagga Wagga Golf Club is in the top 5 oldest Golf Courses in NSW. It was repositioned in 1982 to the present site just West of the City. It is a true test of at 6209m and our greens are the best in the region. The Club is very friendly with competition and Social Golf available seven days a week. The professional Brett Bischard is the only AAA rated professional in the region and he along with his staff can provide all the necessary items to enjoy your game.

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Played here on the 27January and was really surprised on how well the course looked right from the entry of the golf course. The level of service was exceptional. I booked online and was impressed that my name had a reservation sign on a cart. In the cart there were tees and a pencil very professional! the Pro was a pleasant man and explained the different coloured flags and distance markers this helped me immensely as I forgot to charge my GolfBuddy GPS. I managed to play the course in under 3.2 hours which was a real bonus as I played Wagga Country Club the day prior taking almost 4.5 hours I'm not sure why because the City Club was much busier really enjoyed the course and will try and bring my social golf club here in the near future.
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Played here 29/1/2014 on a work visit to Wagga, NSW. First impressions were a bit indifferent. As the Pro-Shop closes at 6:30pm, I was told (on the phone) to park outside the front gate or my car would be locked in. This resulted in having to drag my golf bag with clubs about 100-150 metres to the Pro-Shop - quite an ordeal in 40 degree weather. At the end of the round I had to carry my bag back to the car and climb over two fences (with my bag) along the way. Slightly unusual. Also, I rented a buggy (for $5) and one of the wheels came off mid-round, meaning I had to sawp carts half way through. I was able to pay for 9-holes ($18 from memory), and the Pro-Shop said I could play additional holes, time (and light) permitting. This was appreciated, however I didn't exactly get the warmest of welcomes on arrival. Very business-like. The course lay-out is good, though not great. There are a number of rather straight-forward holes, mostly flat with the odd uphill or downhill hole thrown in. I didn't find a bunker all round, so I wouldn't exactly say the sand is prominent, however I was often in the bush looking for my sliced ball off the tee (this took the bunkers out of play). There isn't a lot of variety to be found on the course. I would suggest accuracy off the tee would make this course a lot easier, but as it was I missed a lot of fairways and my score quite rightly suffered as a result. From what I saw of the fairways, they were in "good" condition - with the occassional awkward lie (not sitting on pure grass) and the ground was quite firm in places. The greens were slow - and I couldn't get used to that all afternoon. No fault of the course, just my own ordinary putting. Having now played the City course, I would check out Wagga Country Club if I have another opportunity to play at Wagga. That is, I wouldn't be rushing back for a round here - though it certainly challenged my game on this day.
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Time for an updatethe Wagga City Golf Club (WCGC) measures 6117m Par 72 with four par 3s ranging from 143-175m, ten par 4s ranging from 293-392m and four par 5s ranging from 464-548m. The course layout has short-medium sized tree-lined wide kikuyu fairways which are equally lush in areas and patchy and dry in other places. The bent grass greens are smooth, with good roll but not overly quick. The rough has patches of rye grass mixed with kikuyu grass which takes time getting used to the feel off the club. The teebeds are mostly kikuyu grass with a few couch grass teebeds thrown in for a good look. There are kangaroos on the course which is odd for any city golf course. Another odd point is that there are only 11 bunkers on the course, but what was even stranger, is that most of the front nine bunkers were larger than greens they were guarding! Highlights include: the opening 548m slight downhill 1st (index 9) which gently turns 15 degrees to the left from 400m off the tee to a green guarded by a huge bunker 10m short right; the 344m straight 4th (index 7) with a flat and lush couch teebed to a slightly left-sloping fairway with a 2-tier front-sloping green guarded by 2 bunkers; the 390m slightly uphill straight 8th (index 1) with a left-sloping fairway and 30m long front-sloping bunkerless green which for the hardest hole was in poor condition with many dead patches; and the 468m slightly uphill 17th (index 8) which doglegs right from 220m off the tee with a pond on the dogleg corner with 2 bunkers 15-40m short right of the green to avoid on your approach. The signature hole at WCGC is the 175m slightly downhill 9th (index 5) which seems at odds with the rest of the course from its flat and large couch teebed to its green guarded by a deep bunker short right and another bunker 40m short right with its couch surrounds and a bern 2m from the leftside edge of the green running along the entire leftside and over the back. Lovely golf hole, as nothing else at WCGC resembles the planning taken on this hole. There is a spare hole, behind the 8th green and beside the 9th, the 119m slightly downhill 20th with a bunkerless green which is good for any course to have if a hole has to be closed. I found the front nine the most challenging part of the course with its 8 bunkers in total, more options off the tee, undulating fairways and a better variety of holes. Despite the 17th and the 167m uphill 18th finish, the back nine is generally quite weak. Wagga is the largest city in the Riverina with over 50000 people with about 62000 people including the local government area's smaller towns and villages. Wagga is about 4.5 hours from Sydney but 130km (or around 1.5 hours) north of Albury. The course is accessed from Bagley Drive about 7km west of the CBD along the Sturt Highway turning right into McNickle Road then taking a sharp left into Bagley Drive. The course sits, slightly higher than the CBD, at approximately 180-220m above sea level. Played here 5th September 2011 with social green fees now $25. The greens at WCGC are generally better than Wagga Wagga Country Club (WWCC), but the layout at WWCC is superior than WCGC. Having played all grass green courses in Riverina, this layout does not stand out as it should for a major city. Decide for yourself and call the proshop on (02) 6931 6275 to arrange a game.
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Nice lookin course.

Has everything a good golf course needs.

Easy going staff with good Advice.

Good Greens.

Nice mix up of Pars.

Well looked after Fairways.

Heaps of room.

A nice club House.


Cold Beer!!

Top Stuff

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THis course is not of top quailty. The greens are the only thing they have going for them. We played there when they were upgrading a little place in front of the clubhouse. This will look good but they have neglected the rest of the course. Don't recommend playing here in the future. Wait until they have finished renovations.

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the course is not of top quality( fairways )... no , but its still a very good golf test...fairways are wide enough to keep out of trouble and greens are large with a variety of slope...bunkers are no problem to get out and there are a number of dams ( watering course ) you may( didnt say you will ) lose a ball or 2 in ...front nine is relatively flat where the back nine is hillier...if you do enjoy your golf then you should have a go at this course , by all means. when the club house and the course are finally done ( i have no idea ) this will be the best around. staff are just great and the course is just fine . ENJOY .

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