Ariah Park Golf Club

9 Holes
PAR 70
5728 M
2 Reviews
The town and 9-hole sandscrape course is located less than 1km north of the Burley Griffin Way at an elevation of about 315m above sea level. For a town of 300 people the course is currently way below average. There is not much grass on the fairways (or in the town itself) and the sandscrapes are tiny. Straight holes here with no bunkers. It is not worth damaging your clubs. Should be closed really.
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Ariah Park actually has sand greens. The conditioning is not great, due to the hot weather & lack of water.

The layout is reasonable, with holes of varying lengths & not parallel fairways. It's not something you would go out of your way to play, but if you are in the area, worth a hit.

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