Woolooware Golf Club
18 Holes
PAR 70
5397 M


Woolooware Golf Club is located in the southern Sydney suburb of Woolooware just south of Botany Bay.

The golf course is an 18-hole public access facility.

The men's layout is a par-70 measuring 5772 metres and the women's course is a par 74 totalling 5397 metres in length.

27 Reviews
Played Wooloware last week, and was really disappointed with the condition of some of the greens. Some had piles of sand on them, others really patchy and made putting really a guessing game. It also looked like they had removed bunkers and let the grass grow where they once were. The fairways were in good condition and the staff were really helpful. It seems a shame that this course is lacking in the finer detail, as it has potential to be a great course.
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Definately has potential - I have played this course often and been a member for nearly 20 years but it seems many courses in Sydney are passing us.. I understand that it is a busy course but many other busy courses are able o keep fairways & greens in better condition (Tighter lies).. There is also a tendency to remove bunkers to "Speed up play", however it really takes away the essence of the course and pretty soon it will be just whacking a ball around a field!!
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Hope the course is better than their website. The booking is all over the place - there is an option to email your mobile but nothing happens (email goes to clinics), there is an option for online logon but having registered few weeks ago, I have not seen any progress (suggestion: the Coast or Moore Park is a good model). You have to keep going to home page otherwise all menu options are disabled. The short game clinic seems to be on perhaps only on the website. Every thing looks half baked and unprofessional. Cant wait to have the Ridge open the last 9 holes - it is already has a more professional feel to it. The course - the waiting period is slightly better and not because management has done any thing, I think because so many of us have stopped bothering to go there.
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ive played here numerous times not really a fan course is in reasonable condition and has some good holes bit it is very repedative par 4 after par 4 and is always flooded.
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Rang up to make a booking for a group of 4 in their Saturday competition and was told we would be the final group at 12.On arrival at the pro shop noticed another name on the time sheet and asked has this guy cancelled as we are a group of 4.The young girl said I think so and booked us in.On arrival at the first tee we met the guy that was already on the sheet meaning we had 5.Although not ideal we decided as we were the last comp group we would play as 5.Upon seeing this a highly agitated group of elderly Women social players due to tee off after us flew into the pro shop complaining about our proposed group of 5.So off we go half an hour late as a group of 3 and 2.Although I didn't play that well and it took a touch over 5 hours to complete our round I quite enjoyed the course which was well maintained and had a good mix of holes. Upon arriving back at the clubhouse with a thirst for a cold one we were met by another agitated Woman who told us to hurry up and get our cards in as she wanted to get this over with and get out of there she also added that we should not be doing our cards in the clubhouse as this looks like we are cheating.After seeing my look of surprise she sarcastically asked me where I was from rolling her eyes at my reply.I could't believe this attitude where I come from after a hot day the first thing most people do is head for the air conditioned comfort of the clubhouse get a cold one and complete their cards makes sense to me.Yet it seems at this place when it comes to social golf anything goes we saw groups of young blokes yahooing while playing in singlets,tee shirts and football shorts go figure.
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I have been a member here for several years now and have had enough and will not be renewing next year unless there are many drastic changes. The course is fairly good for a public course, probably one of the better ones in sydney but what turns me off are the people that run this place.
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