Woodville Golf Club
18 Holes
PAR 71
5567 M
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Considering this is a council run course, it is quite long (about 5600 metres). There are quite a few trees on this course so don't be surprised if you end up in the woods a few times. Some of the fairways are rough whereas others can be quite lush (although recent Sydney weather is turning most golf course brown). From memory, there is only one hole that has any bunkers (a Par 3) which strangely enough, also has mats as a tee off area. Quite a few fairways slope right/left or left/right so driving your golf ball towards the correct side of the fairway is important. Also, there are a few uphill/downdale holes which (unlike a flat course) provides a bit of variety. There are a few dogleg holes as well. A lake comes into play for a few holes but not too any significance. Greens are flat with little to no undulations (just sloping). Greens are reasonably maintained Back nine are better than the front nine. There is no attached golf club to the course however there is a club/pub in adjacent grounds. Overall, it's good value for the price especially if you wish to have a decently long hit at a public course.
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I have played 2 rounds at this course now, and most recently yesterday, and thought some of the negative comments before may be a little harsh. Some fairways were a little average and there is a lack of bunkers, but for a public course is not bad at all. There is some really good scoring opportunities and for all levels of golfer.
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Played here 28/12/11. As far as council run courses go, this is one of the better ones I have played on. In pretty good condition with the recent rains. A few of the fairways have some rough areas but I expected this going in. Greens in good condition. Slowish with quite a spongy surface. For $22/18 holes on a weekday, its a pretty good deal. Not overly busy with most golfers understanding the rules [i.e. allowing others to play through etc.] allowed for an enjoyable morning of golf.
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Played here today around 430pm. $14 for twilight golf is a cheap deal and its cheap for a reason. Some fairways have almost no grass and you are playing from sand. Yet, some holes are in great condition. Once you get past the first 4 holes things get a little better. The greens are far from smooth but well trimmed. If you want a quick round and dont mind some shocking fairways then give it a go.
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Played here a few days ago and found the course in reasonable condition given that it is a council owned and operated course. We had no troubles getting one as there were not many playing. Some of the fairways are a bit bear, as is most of the rough. The greens are OK but like a lot of public courses some players don't fix pitch marks. There are some long par 5's and 4's that provide some challenges and as the name suggests there are a lot of trees if you stray.
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thought it was enjoyable, played there a couple sundays ago in a social group and was impressed with quality of cousre. think for what the course is they are doing a good job. the greens were long due to coring and topdressing and lookin really lush and green. fairways were going good considering there is not much water. the sausage and egg roll i had between 9 and 10 was awsome.

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