Palm Beach Golf Club
9 Holes
PAR 64
4100 M


A Northern Beaches premiere Golf Course; Palm Beach Golf features an 9-Hole Golf Course. Only a fifty-minute drive from the CBD of Sydney, the club is nestled between Pittwater and Palm Beach, under the Barrenjoey Lighthouse.

Palm Beach Golf Club isn’t just about golf, we also offer a unique and memorable setting for both golfing and non-golfing events. We offer a function room that can host birthday parties, weddings, corporate functions, anniversary celebrations, fund raisers and a wide array of other special events.

13 Reviews
Played here for the first time, late in the afternoon and on a very windy day 5/7/11. Its only 9 holes and the fairways can be quite narrow but they are generally well covered, as are the greens. The holes are generally short with some of the par 4 drivable, but do your self a favor and leave the driver in the bag and look for accuracy rather than distance. Remembering what it is, a short 9 hole course, throw a couple of clubs in the car (I'm a 12 h'capper and could have gotten around with a rescue club, 7 iron, wedge, putter) and go and play Palm Beach. Its worth a trip for the location alone
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I love playing here, I am a local and finding myself playing here at least twice a week. I have seen much better fairways and sometimes greens but the location running parallel to pittwater overlooking the water is breathtaking. Also very reasonable pricing here.
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Palmie is a fun little course. I've heard it described as a 'toy course' before and that kind of fits. The holes are simple and the course is completely flat but other than that its an alright place. I do like how some of the holes run up the pittwater side of Palm Beach right along the beach so that you can have an uninterrupted view of Lion Island as you play.
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Hey fairgo, good guess, I am a horticulture teacher and a member of Liverpool. Played Palm Beach about two years ago, got chatting to one of the greenkeepers and one of the committee members and just thought that the course didn't deserve the harsh comments. Have not been back to Palm Beach since 2008! Do you know what its like at the moment?
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Fullback- I have found some of your comments to be perplexing to say the least. Just on a whim I decided do some 'research' as you suggested eddy do on ALL of your reviews... and alas- Comments about Palm Beach, Liverpool and Fox Hills are all positive. Why is this? I believe you have a somewhat bias view on the Course Maintainence Teams at these courses or contractors rather??? May I ask your profession? Horticulturist perhaps? Your brief encounter with the committee member at Palm Beach sure elaborated on some rather technical data... water restrictions on a golf course? surely they have exemptions under the business/industries exemption scheme??? Who knows, I could be wrong. Despite this possibility Fullback... from now on please consider being more objective rather than subjective. Regards, Fairgo
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Following good rain in April 2010 I found this course quite fresh and green, certainly not burnt off as other reviewers reported. Greens and fairways were in good nick. Awesome setting with pittwater next to course. A bit pricey at $19 for 9 holes on a fri on a little toy course Good for beginners as it's small, flat, fairway all the way to the green sort of deal. Not bad, I liked it.
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