North Turramurra Golf Club
18 Holes
PAR 64
4220 M


This is a council course that has no registered club attached to it. However, there is a well-stocked pro shop.

The course is fairly flat and located in an attractive bushland setting. Tree-lines fairways in the long established parts of the course require a degree of accuracy off the tee.

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Hi guys/gals, had a hit here yesterday afternoon, wow what amazing job the council have done in turning an ordinary 9 hole golf course into an 18 holer. The new holes 2-10 at the back of the course with a great variety of par 3,4 and couple of par 5's over looking the valley are fantastic. The greens are in great condition,especially for winter and the practice green (which is huge) make this course now very worthwhile a hit. The old part of the course is still very much up and down very similar fairways, but when you add the whole course as a package, it's good and I'll be back for sure.

  • Congratulations Kuringai Council!
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I recently played the new and improved North Turramurra Golf Course and wow! Council have done an amazing job with the new holes. The club professional James Macdonald was a delight to speak to. Seeing someone with so much passion for the golf course really is an asset to everyone that plays here.

Thank you North Turramurra and James for giving me a great experience.

Will be back
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There are couple of updates at Royal Turramurra worth mentioning. Firstly a couple of hole changes for the men, the 12th hole used to be a short 219m par 4, but has been shortened to 198m par 3. And the only par 5 on the course, the 17th hole which used to be 410m has been changed to a 406m par 4. As such for men the course is now a 4,295m par 62 course, AGU rating of 62. For the ladies, the 1st and 17th holes are still par 5s and the 12th plays as a 198m par 4, in total a 4,003m par 65 course with a ALCR of 63. Secondly, the course has a draft master plan, located here: The changes are all part of the North Turramurra Recreation Project run by Ku-ring-gai Council. Apparently there are five stages including a new club house, set to be fully completed by late 2015. We'll wait and see, but good news.
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Royal Turramurra as it is known to locals is a very basic course where many beginners and school students learn the game. Perhaps the best feature is that you can book on weekends, unlike the many other private courses in the area. The condition of the fairways is usually quite poor although the greens are adequately maintained considering it is run on a very low budget. Expect a very long 18 holes if playing on Saturdays as you will get stuck behind beginners and hackers. Stay away if you are a serious golfer, but great for beginners. Try Gordon for a slightly better challenge.
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This course used to be one to avoid, not because of the course so much, but the guy in the pro shop did everything he could to make you feel unwelcome. However, the young bloke that is there now (James I think) is great. He has recently taken over the shop and has updated the stock and carts and is keen to assist in any way he can. Makes for a much more enjoyable start to the round! the course is now in much better condition that is was. I'll be back for sure.
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I used to come here with mates back when I was in early high school. None of us could play so we all just hacked around. We must have been utterly dreadful and I really feel for the poor people caught behind us. So, after 20 years and with those painful memories in mind, I went back to old Royal Turra recently just to see how it was looking. Gone is the rude old bugger who ran the place (seemingly replaced by good, helpful professionals). Gone too is the picture of the Queen (replaced by the standard pro shop posters by Taylormade etc...). But, and this may well be karma rearing her spiteful head, whats NOT gone (at least when I played) are the packs of teenagers hacking their way around the course. There they were, four of them - me and assembled mates just 20 years younger - shouting, hacking and fighting their way along the course. Utterly dreadful. Karma, we must be even by now. Now, as for how North Turra is looking, well, its not that bad. If you have appropriately low expectations this is a reasonable course - esp for the social golfer and (very) high handicapper. Its still got a very relaxed, casual feel to it and most of the holes are in good condition. It's also a good place if you like rabbits and ducks as your audience. Recommended for easy-going, enjoyable social golf and especially for beginners. Just watch out for karma.
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