Lane Cove Country Club
9 Holes
PAR 64
4033 M
12 Reviews
It's a tight course and short. Great for 9 holes and a quick game of golf. Everyone I have met there is very friendly with great bar staff. Worth a visit.
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Played there Sun 26/6/11. Fantastic BBQ lunch at clubhouse and nice outlook. Quite a good vibe. Then to the course and one of our group was almost brained walking up the 1st by a punter having a lesson from the pro. There's no room on this course. Its a gully that God never meant to be a golf course. Very short BUT a course that doesn't suit a beginner because anything off line or miss-hit is into a ravine or a forest. Not surprised to hear it can get slow on this course as it is full of hazards. Slopey, kind of interesting, greens were slow but okay. Not much sunlight in some areas and dew that lasted all day. Thick kikiyu and muddy all over the place. Not slow for us getting around. Anyhows in Sydney any course is a good thing. So I would say not too bad
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Lane Cove seems to be get mixed reviews here. But I really don't mind it. I certainly rate it higher than Gordon GC because it simply doesn't have tickets on itself. It's cheap and cheerful and a fairly decent place to spend 90mins if you've got the morning off work. I've never been stuck behind a bucks party nor seen any 'retards' or rude people like other reviewers here so maybe I've just been lucky, or the times I go (weekday early afternoons) are less crowded. But if i were to pick a bad point out it would be the rather Spartan feel of the proshop. seriously, its always very empty and very depressing. Not a bad course at all. Recommended to beginners with weekday play availability.
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This place is tragic, I've played here before as part of a bucks party so the fact that the course is seriously substandard wasn't a real issue. However, I recently booked Lane Cove for a quick 9 holes with mates that just wanted some chip and putt practise, the divots all over the course again weren't going to be a problem, that's if we even got on. As we were arriving I was told by the pro shop that our booking was placed at a different time to what was agreed (1 hour earlier) and therefore we couldn't get on as they had already booked the slot we had reserved. The guy at the desk couldn't give a damn that they had stuffed up and suggested that if we couldn't remember the name of the person that took the booking then it was our problem...who remembers the name of a pro shop staffer when making a simple booking? Other pro shops I go to would make the effort to accommodate a group they have short shifted, these guys are totally indifferent, I guess a poor course attracts poor staff, they're just doing the hours till home time.
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After not seeing Lane Cove golf course for a period of 4 months over the winter I was really surprised at the changes that have taken place. Gone are the synthetic tees on the 3rd and 7th. they have been replaced with landscaped tees with proper drainage. Greens are a huge improvement and are now nicely kept, as are the fairways. There seems to have been a lot of effort gone into improving the club and the experience for players.

The Pro Shop has also had a major overhaul with a new pro installed and now there is actually stock that you can buy.

This is a not a long course but it can be quite tricky if you don't get your shot placed correctly. I would recommend it to lower handicappers wanting a quick practice round after work and lower handicappers wanting an unusually hilly par 3 and 4 workout! The clubhouse at the end of the 9th serves good food too!

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This super short course consists of par 3's and 4's which is verysuitable for those who are starting out to play golf. Despite being a resident of Lane Cove, I've always made the effort to drive to Wakehurst, Cammeray and even Long Reef to play golf with mates. Now I know why.

Pros: -Well maintained greens.

-Decent course if you're just starting out.

Cons: Where do I start?

-The 3rd hole tee off was on poor synthetic grass, which covered a mount of sand. I ended up teeing on the very side where it was just dirt.

-The whole course was pretty much all the same cut of grass.

-Despite well maintained greens, the players who play on the course don't seem to know what "repairing divots" mean.

-Finally, it took forever to play 9 holes because some people just had very poor golf etiquette. The group in front of us was playing like 3 balls each, hence making us and the group behind us wait for longer.

Summary: All in all, this was a very poor golf course. The only time i payed $17 for green fees was the time i played Lane Cove (Being a student, I usually pay $11-12, but it was long weekend so that was fair enough).

Don't waste your time and money on this rubbish course. I recommend Wakehurst Golf Club for those who wants a real tester, and a beautiful surrounding.

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