Colonial Golf Course
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First off the dates on these reviews should be taken into account when checking out this course. Its been over 5 years since I played here and could not believe I was at the same course. The improvements made here are are phenomenal. compared to a few years back this course looks and plays great. Saying that this is a 9 hole fun beginners/social players course. Go to this course if you want an enjoyable, easy round of golf.
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There have been some great improvments at the colonial lately. Even with all the changes the prices are still extremely reasonable. The greens and fairways are far and away better than what they had been. The staff are friendly and always good for a chat. The course itself is great for beginners and children, it is a lot more relaxed then some of the bigger courses i have been to, it makes no preconceptions about not being as flash or as big as some of the other courses, but for a decent price it can be fun for all. I've been many times with friends and had a ball, but its also somewhere where i feel i can bring my young kids or wife along and not feel as if they are not welcome as i have felt at some of the other, bigger courses.
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I rated it 2 only because it is slightly better than a driving range.

Took my boy here on Sat and found to my horror I'd bought the wrong club with me. A Putter, S@#t I needed my Texas Wedge to put on these weed infeasted greens.

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yes this course is s@#$house (greens only) but i us it for this, that is for $16 all day golf its good to practice your irons and beats hitting of the bullshit mats at the range.

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i went to colonial today, and i must say, the greens are the biggest s&@%house ive ever been 2, its covered in grass and lumps, u cant even putt it straight on that course.

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This is a propper goat track, I am extremely spoilt coming from melbourne not too far from the sandbelt region. Flew from melbourne to see a mate on the promise of some good golf, he took me here, not impressed at all with this rubbish. The only people who whould bother are those new to the game. Fairways are non existant greens are rough as guts and the electrical powerlines overhead made for a great view. Not even woth the $10 green fee, better off at a decent range. Proper rubbish my fellow golfers

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