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Dubbo Golf Club was established as an 18 hole course in 1903 and was relocated to its current position in 1921. In 1995, the 18 hole course was expanded to a 27 hole layout. We have one of the most challenging courses in the west according to the Slope rating system!

There are par 71 and 70 courses set in beautiful surroundings. The most memorable aspects of a round of golf at the Dubbo Golf Club are the many native eucalypts and cyprus trees, lush fairways, challenging greens and that "miles from anywhere" atmosphere; not to mention the local kangaroos known to visit our fairways.

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This is a 27 hole course. We played in a social round on holes 10-27 and then the Saturday Comp (Monthly Medal) on 1-18 for Men and 19-9 for Women, so we could play all 27 holes while there. The layout is interesting with a reasonable amount of water in play. The fairways are fully reticulated and the greens were good and rolled well. A lot of the greens were offset so that they are not that long but wide, which calls for a precise approach. The bunkers are in good condition and compliment the layout well. It is a slightly undulating course, but an easy walk. The one criticism is that there are a number of holes where the next tee is past one or two other tee blocks and so there are lots of long walks between holes, but it is well signposted. The green fees for social play of $28 is very reasaonable for the course played. It was even better value for the comp as it was only $25. The Members we played with were very friendly and the club welcomed visitors. We got around in well under 4 hours in the social round and in about 4 hours for the Medal round, so it moves well. Definitely worth playing if you are in the region.
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I played the course during their Wednesday Comp on the 26th of September 2012. There was no particular hole that stood out to me, though the long par 5 12th was a highlight. The fairways are nice and mostly tree lined and the greens are large and well maintained and with consistent speed. There are plenty of bunkers to catch stray balls, but water only comes into play on about five holes. The rough is not thick and on most occasions it is easy to recover from straying into the rough, although there are lots of dirt bare areas in the rough and in some places on the fairways. Whilst the majority of the course has a tree lined park feel once you hit holes 12 to 15 you feel like you have stepped onto a different course. These holes have are open with lots of water and you feel like you have walked onto a resort style course. As I was playing in the comp I didn't try out the additional nine holes, which looked similar to 12 to 15. Although a reasonably long course it isn't hard work without a cart, as it is very flat. My only criticisms of the course are the practice fairway running down to the 17th fairway. If you end up right from the tee you may be searching for your ball amongst a lot of stray balls from the practice fairway, as I did. There is also some distance between some of the greens and the following tees and the layout gets a bit confusing. It isn't helped that there is no map of the course layout on the score card, nor is there a map of each hole at the tees. Luckily I played with a local who guided me around. All in all I enjoyed the course and should I be out that way again I will play the course again.
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After spending a couple of months playing on sand greens, I was anticipating the challenge of adjusting to Dubbo's large greens and tight layout. The overall course presentation is fantastic with good grass coverage throughout. Tee shots demand accuracy as most fairways are slight doglegged and are lined by tall trees. Any inaccuracy around the greens will be punished with imposing bunkers and undulation surrounding the putting surface. Even an accurate approach can still leave you with a daunting slick downhill 40 footer! My two major criticisms of this course are the lack of distance markers and the pricing scheme. Why a golf course of this calibre does not have 100m markers is a bit of a letdown for those of us without rangefinders! Secondly, being charged another 9 hole fee to extend a round to 27 holes is a joke. You pay $20 for 9, another $8 gets you another 9 ($28 for 18) and your last 9 is another $20! Surely you should be rewarded for the more golf you play? Overall however, the pleasant and quaint surrounds mixed with an interesting and challenging layout can't be disreguarded making Dubbo's 27 hole championship course well worth a hit.
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The course conditioning at Dubbo is the benchmark for the Orana region of NSW with its wide and lush kikuyu fairways and teebeds mostly green with a few yellow tinge patches, but overall mostly lush. The large bent grass greens are smooth with good consistent speed and are mostly 20-30m long. The medium-tall tree-lined 27-hole layout has a total 59 bunkers with water coming into play on several holes. Holes 1-9 measures 3061m Par 36 with two par 3s ranging from 137-182m, five par 4s ranging from 326-406m and two par 5s ranging from 458-472m. There are 18 bunkers, but no water coming into general play on this outward nine and the finishing holes are affected by highway traffic noise. Highlights include: the opening 472m straight 1st (index 12) with a left-sloping fairway with OOB fence right and 2 bunkers left and right of green; the 406m slight dogleg right 4th (index 1) with 2 bunkers shortside; the 182m gentle downhill teeshot 8th (index 8) with 2 bunkers left and right and the 342m 9th (index 10) which doglegs 45-degrees left from 180m off the tee with the OOB Newell Highway right and a green guarded by 3 bunkers. Holes 10-18 measures 2892m Par 35 with three par 3s ranging from 148-184m, four par 4s ranging from 332-401m and two par 5s ranging from 446-469m. There are 23 bunkers with water coming into play on 12, 14 & 15, with the 12th & 13th more open resort/links-style holes than the rest of the parkland-style layout of the outward nine holes. Highlights include: the 469m 12th (index 11) with its crescent-moon shaped fairway with 3 storage dams on the left from the tee to the 2-tier front-sloping green which is guarded by 2 bunkers 10-20m short left and right; the 385m straight 13th (index 3) with OOB homes on the left and a left-sloping green guarded by a bunker short right; the 179m 15th (index 7) with its 30m wide green guarded by 2 bunkers left and right; the 401m Par 4 straight 17th (index 2) with its 40m long front-sloping bunkerless green and the challenging 184m slightly uphill 18th (index 5) with 4 bunkers to avoid. This most bunkered and varied of the nine-holers is probably my pick at Dubbo. Holes 19-27 measures 2762m Par 35 with two par 3s ranging from 135-159m, six par 4s ranging from 293-373m and the 470m Par 5 slight dogleg left 22nd with a fairway bunker 220m off the tee on the right with red dirt in rough on right with 2 bunkers shortside of the green. Holes 21-26 are reminiscent of Tamworth's Longyard resort/links-style layout with shorter sparser trees and homes lining the fairway edges. Other than the Par 5, highlights include: the 135m 26th with a teeshot over the dam with a pond over the back of the green guarded by a hidden bunker back right and the 325m straight 27th with a 20m wide narrow driving hole which has a pond 15-50m short left of the green guarded by 4 bunkers which finishes beside the 10th teebed. This 9-holer has 18 bunkers with water coming into play on 21, 26 & 27 which has a few of the shorter par 4s on the course. Plans are underway for more homes along the Par 5 hole which would make the walk less lonely for some! Located on the south-western side of town this is the best course in the area. Dubbo is a major regional city with over 31000 people approximately 275m above sea level. The course is on the Newell Highway near the Western Plains Zoo on the western side of the Macquarie River which splits the city's suburbs. Played here 2nd August 2011 with $28 visitor green fees to play all 27 holes with very good course conditioning and challenges and clubhouse facilities. Definitely worth a game here.
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Played 29.08.2010 We had time for 9 holes only. We played holes 1 to 9. Recent heavy rain have been good for the course. No doubt there were some issues for the maintenance staff. Impressions of our group were positive with the holes generally interesting and conditions of the course good but a bit short on detail. We enjoyed it well enough to look forward to visiting again and playing at least 18 of the available 27 holes. I guess the current star rating of three and one half is about right.
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For those of you that don't know, Dubbo is in a drought stricken area, but struggling farmers who have a love for golf see more green than in any crop when sailing balls down a well maintained leafy tree lined fairway on this 27 hole championship course.

Although alot of the hazard placements aren't really in play for the good golfers. They are definately challenging for the Handicap 12+ players. Which is me.

Definate highlight hole for me is 21: Approx 300m that needs an accurate tee shot. But those big hitters thinking you'll make the green. You will have to fly it there, past an intimidating red crater of a bunker. But you put it over the back and you'll find a pond to welcome your lil overshot missile. But I'll let you decide whether you lay up or go the whole distance when you come and try it out for yourself.

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