Coonamble Golf Club

18 Holes
PAR 69
5689 M
3 Reviews
Time for an update on those rather out-of-date 2002 reviewsCoonamble measures 5673m Par 69 with six par 3s ranging from 115-190m, nine par 4s ranging from 294-400m and three par 5s ranging from 495-528m. Course has 18 black oiled scrapes with fairly wide short tree-lined fairways played around the racecourse. The tee mounds are fairly small and flat. The fairways are a mixture of natural grass with patches of kikuyu grass on the main landing areas. There are no bunkers on the course anymore but there are a few water hazards and no river runs even close to the course. The Eurimie Creek, which flows into the Castlereagh River, forms the northern boundary of the course. The course uses sprinklers on the tee mounds and has access to use reclaimed sewerage effluent water. Basic golf facilities. The course is closed for race days only. Fees are $10. Coonamble does not offer "golf at its absolute best" which on this website warrants a 5-star rating. Coonamble barely offers basic golf facilities and honestly is no hidden gem of any golf calendar. Course access is from the Castlereagh Highway on the western side of town about 2km west from the shopping centre on the way out to Walgett. Closest grass green course is the 9-holer at Gilgandra (1 hour south) or Warren's layout just over an hour south-west of Coonamble.
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Well, here we are, after a short flight up from sydney to dubbo, followed by a 2-hour car trip with some distinct views of country NSW, such as an accasional emu-family-outing, we've finally arrived at the little known Coonamble golf club. As little as it's known by anyone but the truely locals, we didn't have a sniff of an idea that we are about to uncover a hidden gem of australian golf.

No visitor to Coonamble will be unaffected by the majesty of the course, the graciousness of the club house and the hospitality of the friedly members and staff. As to the course itself, small greens and tight fairways are part of what makes Coonamble so compelling. The narrow fairways challenges even the best golfers from the tee. However, one of the greatest asset of Coonamble is that every player must confront the holes defenses their own way. For the low markers, successfully carring the fairway bunker 210m from the tee on the par five 2nd means that more trouble is brought into play, as bunkers at 220m, 230m, 240m and 250m on both side of the fairway are all lined up eagerly waiting for action. For all you long bombers and pros who carries 240 with ease, Coonamble river curls it's way in at 270m, brought enough balls with you? As for the 1st time hackers, there's also a well designed bunker at a mere 10m from the tee custom made for you guys. Good luck! After being on a few of these strategically planted beaches, i'm not so sure the fairway is a fair way, but certainly if you're not on it, you can be sure that there is still a fair way to go before you finish the hole.

Whether you have just safely negotiated the fairway traps or lying 8 already, the challenge doesn't just end here. The next step involves hitting appraoch shots with pin point accuracy into some tiny greens (you won't know exactly how far you've got as there are no yardage markers anywhere on the course). At this point in time, it is absolutely neccessary to clarify that the greens at Coonamble golf club are not your ordinary bumpy ones with spike marks all over it, nor the lush bent greens that runs 15 on the stimpmetre, looked after by the best superintendents in the country just for the Australian Open. Ladies and gentlemen, these are BLACKs. Yes! BLACKs! In fact, they are so black that a while ago, a poor indian member was hit bang square in the middle of the head when he was putting, all due to the low visibility created by the similarity between the colour of his skin and the putting surface itself. To this date, the guy who hit the shot still claims that he was absolutely sure that there was no one on the BLACK when he hit the shot, that is, until he heard a #%$!.

However, being on the BLACK is not so nearly important as being on the correct side of the BLACK. Given the contouring, firmness, and pace of the BLACK, three putt opportunities abound. The better golfer is continually challenged until the putt drops while less accomplished player can just bump it along and still achieve a good degree of seccess, even with the back of a 7 iron. The reason? These BLACKs are very hard to read, in fact, they are unreadable! There are so many subtle breaks that one can not possibly take into account all(any) of them. Sure anyone who has played the US Open would describe it as a pressure packed experience, but having to confront 18 of these BLACKs in a single round of golf is pressure of a complete different magnitude. Even just thinking about it gives you goose bumps.

Combining the well placed bunkers, natrual water hazards and the famous BLACKs, it is almost certain that anything less than an A+ game will be severly punished by the course, just ask the proffessionals who competed in the recent Coonamble Open. One well known pro commented: These BLACKs are so brutle! There's no way on this earth one can be sure of the line of the putts. Another pro who recently won a biggish tournament in America also said: Coonamble golf club has really opened my eyes, I mean, i've played the Masters, British Open and so on, but nothing even come close to the difficulty of this course, don't get me wrong, it is a superb layout, but I do feel like i'm going to have to relearn this game all over again if I am to play on this course. Of course, at their own request, the names of these proffessionals will remain top secret.

After a tough day at the office, sometimes even an embarrasing day, there's nothing better then a friendly drink at the fully facilitated and licenced bar in the clubhouse. Once again, friendly staff and members are always around and more than happy to help you out with any questions you may have, including a few tips on taming the ever so frightening BLACKs.

When all is done and you are ready to leave this memorable place, don't forget to sign the visitors book located at the front office and... Oh yeah, please pay a visit to the little red box that's so often forgotton and spare a few bucks for those who worked long and hard to bring Coonamble golf club to it's present state.

Well, it was certainly an experience of a lifetime for me, and I urge you to come and discover this hidden gem, it will no doubt be an unforgettable trip.

Oh, yeah, remember that indian member? well, after a few stiches in the head, he quietly left the town and never returned. Mate, if you're reading this, good luck and make sure you wear a white shirt next time you play.

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I love Coonamble GC. A nice little layout.

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