Outback NSW
Broken Hill Golf & Country Club
18 Holes
PAR 72
6154 M


The Broken Hill Golf & Country Club Ltd (est circa 1921) is Broken Hill's premier golfing destination.

Its 18 beautiful holes are set against the  contrasting backdrop of classic outback Australia.

You will never  be alone on our course, as the local kangaroos, emus, goats, and even the occasional turtle (yes, turtle!) calmly watch on.

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Broken Hill's par 72 layout consists of wide fairways, shapely red bunkers on all holes and measures 6154m. The real feature here is the superb contrast between the rocky barren desert landscape and the well irrigated fairways and greens. If you stray off the grass you end up on firm red earth which emphasises accuracy off the tee. There is a small dam to avoid next to the 10th green and a dry water hazard on the 5th and 14th holes. The greens are quite sizeable and offer plenty of testing putts. The harsh landscape surrounding the course keeps plenty of kangaroos grazing and even a few emus can be spotted stepping out the fairways. The interior of this continent is dry, hot and vast which really adds to the attraction of playing at Broken Hill. While immersing yourself in the beauty which is Australia's outback, don't pass up an opportunity for a hit in this famous mining town. A round at Broken Hill is a truly unique golfing experience. $36 for 18 holes.
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Without denigrating the courses with sand scrapes, it was a pleasure to putt on grass again. For a town with water problems, Broken Hill is better grassed than many Eastern courses. As of early this year the 'preferred lie' is history and, provided you stay on the fairway, totally warranted. Red sand bunkers can take a bit to get used to but the greens are a treat. If the wind is blowing (often), take a coat. Some fairly long holes give it a high slope and the couple of extra strokes for this hacker were needed. Was made to feel welcome in the clubhouse and on the course by the very friendly staff and members. Easy on the pocket as well. Active Monday vets and regular comps. A must play. The Relic.
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Measures 6154m Par 72 with four par 3s ranging from 125-184m, ten par 4s ranging from 339-395m and four par 5s ranging from 447-501m. Course has flat wide couch fairways and large flat teebeds with anything off the fairways running into red dirt with desert scrubs and flowers. The course has a short tree-lined fairway layout with medium sized bent grass greens which play slow and currently have dead patches over most portions of the greens. There are 46 bunkers on the entire course which have a thin covering of red clay-like sand. Highlights include: the most heavily bunkered hole on the course the 343m straight 1st (index 9) with an elevated tee and 2 fairway bunkers on the left with another 3 bunkers around the green; the 395m slight dogleg left 4th (index 1) with a dry water hazard across the fairway from 100-120m out of the green with a long bunker 20-80m short of the green; the 501m slightly uphill 7th (index 5) with an L-shaped bunker on the left off the tee, an OOB fence far right and a green guarded by 2 bunkers shortside; the 184m 8th (index 7) with an elevated teebed to a green guarded by 3 bunkers along the leftside; the 339m slight dogleg left 10th (index 10) with a fairway bunker on the right at the dogleg corner with a green guarded by a pond 15-30m short right and a bunker short left and the 360m slightly uphill and dogleg right 18th(index 8) with a green guarded by 4 bunkers. Apart from the 7th the par 5s are slightly weak. Most holes are straight and the par 4s are all of similar length. Every hole has at least one bunker which is good to see outside of the metropolitan courses. Broken Hill is a mining city of 20000 people at approximately 300m above sea level. Rainfall for the first 6 months this year has been 430mm, nearly twice its annual rainfall total. Regardless of how much rain the city receives, the course's fairways are quite green and uses reclaimed water for its fairways and teebeds. Played here 19/09/2011 with $32 green fees. The course is the benchmark for golf in Outback NSW. Closest grass green course is Wentworth which is over 265km south. The course is one of the better desert-style courses in Australia. I'd recommend a round here to anyone but preferrably in the early summer mornings to avoid the extreme heat.
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Played September 2, 2010 There has been a lot of rain for Broken Hill. The locals told me that annual rainfall is 250mm and there has been 325mm in 8 months. It shows in the countryside which has much more vegetation than usual. The golf course still looks somewhat like an oasis with its well covered fairways, nevertheless. The course uses treated effluent for watering. This works although I was told that algae can cause problems in the pipes and sprinklers. The greens were not great at the time. I don't know how typical this is. There are plenty of bunkers strategically placed on fairways and near some greens. The layout is excellent. It shows the benefit of a good course architect. It plays long at 6154 metres for men. Women get a very fair go with the length of the women's course a full 1000 metres shorter but still plenty long enough at 5150 metres. One of the great aspects of playing this course is the ambience. The silence and (to us)the eerie surroundings outside the boundaries made it a unique experience. It was a bonus to see some Sturt Peas in flower in the rough.
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Was a 700km round trip from Mildura, but so glad i got a chance to play. Thank you to the local boys who were friendly enough to offer to let me join them and show me around. A fantastic layout that offers a challenge to both the left and right hander. This course allows you to take the driver out on most holes, but the desert beyond the fairways and the fence line can quickly add to your score. Most holes don't require a huge drive to get to the fairway so this course would cater to players of all abilities. The greens are of average-fast speed and are in fantastic condition, they are a bit larger than your average country course and allow you to get creative with your short game. More than happy that i stopped off at this outback oasis, I will certainly look forward to stopping by again if ever i have the chance.
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As 1 of the local greenkeepers at the course.A mixture of couch fairways and bent greens we certainly have our work cut out for us. With currently only an apprentice,labourer and myself.a possitive is our access to effluent water wich does not go to waist with our 40 degree plus days on weeks end.Saying that it realy is a great course to play in the middle of the desert if your a keen golfer and passing through the town i realy wouldnt miss this one, enjoy.
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