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I played this course on the 11/7/16. For a country style course the grass greens were in reasonable condition. A few of the fairways do not have very good grass coverage as the soil is fairly compacted so you have to play prefered lie so you don't damage your clubs. The course isn't very long but I found it to be long enough. Overall I thought it was a good course to play at and will definitely play here again. The facilities including accommodation  
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Clover Leigh (formerly known as Bendick Murrell) measures 2692m Par 34 with four par 3s ranging from 150-165m, three par 4s ranging from 304-391m and two par 5s ranging from 500-534m. There are 9 small-sized couch grass greens which play quite slow and bumpy. No alternate tee mounds to play 18 holes. There are some terrible tee mounds with patchy, clumpy grass covering most. The fairways are no better mostly dirt with patches of kikuyu/couch grass near the greens. There are no bunkers on the course but there are 3 ponds to play around. 1st 391m straight hole with the flag visible from the tee mound with the pond 240m off the tee in the right rough with lots of dirt of patch-ridden fairway grass. 2nd 534m is a slight bend to the right, but the fairway is virtually unplayable and mostly dirt from the tee to about 80m from the green. 3rd 157m hole with another pond 3m over the back edge of the green. 4th 335m slight bend left with the flag not visible from the tee mound. You require an iron to the rightside of the fairway and another iron to the green guarded by another pond 10m in front and along the leftside of the green. Probably the signature hole on the course and it is unfortunate the fairway resembles a dirt bike track. 5th 165m with the same pond over the back of the 3rd green, about 3m over the back edge of this green. There is a short tree on the men's kikuyu grass teebed. Best teebed on the course. 6th 500m straight hole with the flag visible from the tee mound. 7th 150m slightly uphill teeshot to small green. 8th 156m slightly downhill teeshot. 9th 304m with a slight bend to the right and also plays slightly uphill. The walk to the tee is along the same pond/dam on the 1st hole with a teeshot of about 100m to clear the water. Local rule has 30cm preferred lies through the green, however, the opening holes require at least 30 metre preferred lies to find some grass. The dams are all full and the course has had most of its fairway grass washed away from the which has seen over 500mm of rainfall in the first 3 months of 2012! The par 5s are quite long for some players and the par 4s decrease in length but the par 3s are all of similar length. Easy walking course with no hills to climb over. Played here 1st April 2012 with only $5 green fees. There used to be a 9-hole scrapes course in Bendick Murrell but this has closed and local golfers now play here. Not bad for the social or beginner golfers. Great review Q-TIP, but where is Clover Leigh you ask? Clover Leigh golf course is privately owned with on-course accommodation available. Course access is from Karoopa Lane about 8km off the Olympic Highway (where the paved Karoopa Lane road is 5km and it is dirt for the last 3km). The course is 45km (or 30 minutes) south-west of Cowra on the way to Young. Closest 9 hole grass green course is Boorowa (less than 1 hour via Murringo). For more information check out or call (02) 6383 7311, alternatively drive to 775-777 Karoopa Lane, Crowther NSW 2803
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