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PAR 71
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The heart of Tallwoods is an established, world-class, 18-hole championship golf course designed by Michael Hurdzan Ph. D., one of the world’s leading environmental golf course designer and US Golf World’s 1997 Architect of the Year.

Tallwoods offers a unique, total package of an award winning golf course, deluxe accommodation and renowned restaurant/bar. Set in a stunning location, Tallwoods offers a friendly village atmosphere and staff committed to your memorable golfing experience. Day visitors welcome.

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Recently had a weekend away up at Tallwoods and the course thankfully has a new owner who is in it for the long term. Previous owners have ***** the place and the course has been in disrepair for the last 5 years...held together mostly by a group of wonderful volunteers.

What can you expect.. new irrigation system now installed, new golf carts, new restaurant/cafe called the Kranky Goat (fantastic), sand in the bunkers and fairways and greens on the mend. 

The course is one of my favorites. White course is 133 rating and the Blue 139.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the course is its constant elevation changes that allow you to experience the full vista of Tallwoods to Forster/Tuncurry.

Very much looking forward to playing again very soon!  
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The worst course I have ever played when considering the $70 with cart green fee. Many of the fairways had weeds, some with clumping type grasses that were easily 10cm high. The bent greens have large areas of couchgrass invading them which makes putts a more of "hit and hope" rather than skill as it affects the roll of the ball dramatically. Some greens had plenty of bare patches which again affected the roll of the ball. Whilst it was all bad I think the worst was the rocks in bunkers. Loose rocks hidden in the sand causing damage to one of my clubs.

 I spoke to a staff member who informed me that there are only 4 grounds staff which is crazy for such  large course, and that very little is available in the budget for maintenance. It's a shame as the course has a great layout and from what I have read was once a pristine course. I won't ever go back
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Played 27/12/15.

I have played the course biannually over the last 8 years, and this is the worse condition I have found it. Fairways & tees were not recently mowen and were **** infested. Bunkers were unkempt, eroded and not maintained being full of twigs and leaves, ( not touched for at least a month ) and all the cart paths were deep rutted and washed away. So much so, I was glad for my own safety that I walked.

The greens and surrounds were 7/10. and this looks like where they have been using most of their maintenance budget.

Its a shame as previously I have enjoyed playing this course (hence the regular return visits) but in its current state it would have to improve before I would play it again, and I told the pro-shop so. Looks like they need some more green staff and budget to get the course upto the standard  I would expect for such an interesting individual layout, for a $50 walking Green fee

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Seems like this hasn't been reviewed for some time - so here's my update. Played last week (NY Day 2015)Have heard plenty of good reports in the past and thought along with playing partner - we should take a chance and see 1st hand. Great design and layout, plays longer than it measures (blues), mainly due to elevation changes. After 2-3 holes I felt the condition was really poor, fairways sparse and loose on impact, greens were covered in dead spots and kike and buff had encroached many metres in some places. Bunkers generally were showing many weeks of non-care and in need of rehab. As we played through the front9 , the condition improved for all the above, bar the bunkers. The course is really good fun to play and the holes present well in layout and 'where do I hit it' questions? We found Pro-shop, members and bar staff to be very friendly, helpful and proud of their course as they should be if they can only inject some $$ to spruce it up. For $60 it was well worth it for us. My mate who has property nearby will seriously consider joining as a 'country' member.
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I played Tallwoods on Saturday with a couple of mates. It wasn't a good start as when we entered the Pro-Shop the Pro was bus on a private phone call and ignored us for 3-4 minutes. When he finally took our money he said he would let us know when were were due on the tee and told us to go and have a putt. After hitting 5-6 putts, a lady member came over and very nearly abused us for not making our way to the 1st tee. It was still 5 minutes before our allotted tee time but we went over anyway. There were no announcements of which group were to play next as most clubs this size have. Half way through the round one of our group was sworn at by two elderly members for simply looking for his ball near the tee box they were stand on. The fairways were dry (understandable) but had plenty off grass on them. The grees were fast and smooth, excellent condition for the water restriction that have been in place. To sum it up, the course was great, the members and Pro made us feel very unwelcome.
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Played there (and stayed there) on 14th June 2013. I think this place is really struggling financially and it shows. The girl who took our booking didnt seem to be a "golfer". Said cart hire was included but when we fronted at the pro shop we found out it wasn't. The Pro was unhelpful and didnt provide us with a course map. The course itself, particularly the greens, were in terrible condition with at least 4 temporary greens. And the greens in play were rubbish. Apparently due to an ex-green keeper inadvertently poisoning them. The course was understandably wet due to overnight rain, with most shots plugging. As for the layout i enjoyed it. The best hole probably the par 3 11th? over water. Tough hole in breezy conditions. The course is not too difficult for us hackers, with some forgiveness. Such a pity the greens are shot. Wouldnt recommend playing here till at least summer 2014. Even then ring ahead to ensure no temporary greens.
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