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PAR 66
4917 M
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On my last visit to Forster I played at the Tuncurry Course. This time I decided to give the sister Forster Course a go. Whilst I enjoyed my round I was disappointed with the Forster Course compared to Tuncurry. No comparisons can be made and Tuncurry is a much better course. Forster is short and only has one par five and 7 par threes. The majority of the greens are very small, hard and very fast. Once you got the speed right there was no real challenge on the greens and the only green that offered any real challenge was the par 3 17th which is a three tier green. The water hazards are innocuous and there are few bunkers. You would have to hit a seriously wild shot to find yourself in trouble off the fairways, as the majority of rough offers little challenge. Drainage appears to be an issue on the fairways and could imagine that after a lot of rain the course would be unplayable. If you want a quick round of golf and go there with few expectations you will enjoy your round. If you want a real challenge travel a few more k's up the road to Tuncurry.
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nice small course ..well layed out ... well worth playing...
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A nicely maintained, shortish course which gives the big hitters some opportunities to hit the par 4s in 1 or the sole par 5 in 2. A relaxing way to have a hit on holidays.

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This is the course near the centre of the Forster township (the one you can see through the RSL Club window), and is very different to it's sister course at Tuncurry.

It's short, wide open and with very few hazards. As such, it probably suits the needs of the locals and the one game a year holidaying families, but serious golfers should look at Great Lakes Tuncurry and Tallwoods.

There a a couple of good par 3's and a few very testing par 4's, but the main challenge is presented by the sea breeze. Tame that, and the course is fairly easy.

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one of my favourite courses. very short course, open in spots yet can find some of the drivable par 4's very narrow. greens are a bit dodgy as last time i played there they were under construction (2 months back) vell laid out and a few tricky holes. defiantely worth having a look at. todd you are a champ

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Nice little course for a family walk. Open, inviting fairways. Unfortunately some greens are still in poor shape, and fairway drainage could be better in some places.

Pity about the less than friendly staff attitude...

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