Boggabri Golf Club

9 Holes
PAR 70
6050 M


Boggabri Golf Club was founded in 1937, and was originally located in Brent Street West, near to the site of the current cemetery. The club moved across to its current site on Gunnedah Road in the 1960s. The course has 9 holes, with wide tree lined fairways and sand greens. There are several water hazards. The course has a total length of 6050 metres with a par of 70 and ACR of 69. One unique feature of the course is wheat, which the club grows between the fairways to supplement its income. The golf season runs from March until the end of October. The men play on Saturdays at 12 noon, and the Ladies play on Wednesday mornings at 9 am, and again at 12 noon on Saturday. During the summer a twilight 9 hole competition is played on Sunday evenings. Visitors are always welcome, and an honesty box system applies during the week. Green fees are $6 for visitors. The clubhouse is open after competitions on Saturdays, and can be hired out for private parties.
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A 9 hole course with sand greens, 6050m par 70 for the Men, and 5304m par 72 for the Ladies. The course is generally flat, with wide tree lined fairways, and water hazards on 3 holes. It looks like a relatively easy course, but most of the holes are quite long, and when the wind blows it is a real challenge to keep the ball out of the trees.

Grass cover on the fairways is very good at present. The club has recently installed a new watering system, using traveling irrigators to water the fairways, and more conventional sprinklers around the greens.

Grass cover around the greens is somewhat patchy, but the club usually allows preferred lies through the greens. The rough can be severe after rain, but usually is quite manageable when the course is dry.

The greens also have been recently relaid with Attunga sand, this smooths and putts well, but of course you still can't land the ball on the green and expect it to stop. Generally, except for a few stones and some bare areas around the greens, the sands greens are as good as you will find anywhere

Interestingly, the club grows wheat in the gaps between the fairways. This can be a real problem if you get into it most of the wheat is a hazard, although you need to be very careful when trying to play out. Sometimes taking a drop is a much better option. The course has 2 par threes, 6 par fours, and one par 5.

The first is a relatively straightforward par 4 at 342m, although it tends to play into the prevailing wind. The second, at 122m, is the shortest hole on the course, and really shouldn't be a problem, although the trees are quite close to the green, and if your tee shot is off line, expect to be in trouble. The third is a long and testing 377m par 4, usually into the wind, with out of bounds very close to the right and back of the green. The fourth is another tough hole, 385m par 4.

It usually plays downwind, but a large box tree on the right of the fairway about 160m from the green blocks many shots, and means you have only a small landing area for your tee shot. At 395m the fifth is the longest par 4 on the course. However, it usually plays downwind and the fairway is miles wide, so this is a good hole for the longer hitters. Just be careful when going for the green with your second shot, for the out of bounds is very close to the right of the green and is easily found! This hole is a par 5 for the Ladies. The sixth hole is probably the hardest on the course for the Men.

It is 200m, par 3, you need to hit your tee shot through a narrow gap in the trees and over a water hazard. Anything hit left is almost bound to hit the trees, and out of bounds awaits anything hit long and right. The ideal shot here is a controlled draw, but playing safe by laying up here is often a good option, especially when the wind is blowing hard and pushing the ball towards the out of bounds fence. Holes 7 and 8 are both par 4s, 352m and 354m respectively. Both play into the prevailing wind and are gentle left to right doglegs, with out of bounds down the right side.

The seventh is easier, with a wide open fairway inviting a big drive; but the trees are very close to the green and are quite dense if you find them you are likely to be in trouble. The eighth requires you to drive through a gap in the trees; watch out for a big athol tree on the right about 140m from the green, this blocks many shots.

Also there is quite a deceptive slope around the green from above the hole it is hard to stop your approach shot near the pin. Finally, the ninth hole is the only par 5 on the course. At 498m not many can reach the green in 2, although the hole does tend to play downwind. Again, a good driving hole with a very wide fairway. Stay out of the trees and this is still a good birdie chance even if you can't reach the green in 2.

Overall, Boggabri is a small golf club with no employees all the labour here is voluntary. You can't expect the well manicured fairways and greens of the larger clubs, but the course is generally well maintained, the greens are good. The course is interesting to play and quite challenging. If you're looking for a new sand green course to try, this is not a bad one.

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