Illawarra Golf Course
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Sadly the course is now closed. Played there about 10 months ago and the greens were just dirt with the odd clump of grass here and there. Completely unplayable. I used to love its length, surreal geography and dependable putting surfaces. Now I drive past and see a small 'course closed' sign and feel blue. RIP Illawarra
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Are still operating, their phone seem to be disconnected. Have not played there for a while and wanted to check them. Back to Boomrang then.
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Played course twice this week along with a lot of others and enjoyed it without the hassle of legend golfers upsetting the ambience of a beautiful coutry course close to Sydney. A secret gem that I hope stays that way.
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Such a shame that this course has fallen into its current state. Is such a good layout - some really great holes - genuine par 5's, dog legs, mix of long and short par 3's. Would be a great course if maintained and managed. Current condition of the course is terrible and not worth playing. The greens are bare in many areas - they will come back in summer but saddly the rest of the course wont! Again, all I can say is that it is a real shame. Would be great to see someone take this course over and maintain and run as a true golf club. I'd play it and I'm sure many more would
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we were told the place was for sale and that the most recent deal just fell through. after playing there i can see why the deal fell over. the greens were just bad they were without a doubt the worst i have ever played on. nearly all greens were part green and part dirt. putting on them became nothing more than a laugh. sorry but i enjoy having a hit of golf but i wont be playing here again and i would feel bad if i didnt warn others of the conditions of the greens. if some one fixed the greens and the tee boxes...and fairways they might be able to get the course playable again
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Great afternoon of golf. Course is in great condition...greens are a bit fuzzy but all in all really nice to get out for a round with out any crowds. If you like some big long par 5's then you should give this course a try
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