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Mangrove Mountain Memorial Club
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PAR 72
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No reviews for a while on this course so here goes.  Now a 9 hole course.  Apparently used to have more holes.  Measures 2402m for the front 9.  Some different tee boxes for the second nine.  Monday afternoon and I was the only person on the course the whole time.  I can understand why.  Rarely was there a flat lie.  The first 2 holes are good but downhill after that.  Literally as well, as you end up at the bottom of a hill and have the final holes to get back up.  Unfit people should probably get a cart.

The greens were the only redeeming feature.  Very lush and they were fast.

Some challenges there as some holes have out of bounds the length of them, a couple of water carries, and as mentioned before very few flat lies.

I got a $13 twilight deal (after 3pm).  That is probably all the course is worth and I wouldn't want to be paying the usual rate.

As I was passing through the area on my own I didn't mind giving it a go.  But if I had any golfing buddies with me we would have been playing one of the courses elsewhere in the area.  

Good club there overlooking the 9th.  Unfortunately no one there to watch me birdie the hole
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Time for someone else to review the course:) Now measures 3377m Par 46 (12 holes) with the option of playing 18...by playing holes 1-3 again, then the 360m 14th Par 4 with a blind teeshot over a crest then downhill to a bunkerless green, then holes 5,6 & 8 again, followed by the 257m slight dogleg left 18th with OOB on the right from the tee to the bunkerless green There are three par 3s ranging from 127-157m, eight par 4s ranging from 238-360m and the short 431m Par 5 4th which plays alongside and similar to the 14th but has a small pond 15-40m short of the green which is guarded by 2 bunkers. Fairways are kikuyu grass and the bent grass greens are quite slow. There is one synthetic teebed on the 16th but all the other teebeds are kikuyu grass. There are 8 bunkers on the course. Highlights include: the 356m/2nd which plays downhill to a medium-sized dam 10-50m short of the bunkerless green with OOB fence right of the path on the far right, the short par 5 as described above was good, the 352m slightly uphill dogleg right 6th with a teeshot over a large dam with red stakes (lateral water hazard) and thick vegetation and a natural creek on the right from the tee to the bunkerless green with the landfill site fence over the back, and lastly, the 157m sharp uphill 10th green guarded by bunker short and rear are worthy holes of mention. The course is quite hilly and steep in areas and ranges from 280m above sea level along the 5th hole to around 340m above sea level where the club and proshop sits atop a north-facing ridge. Located 21km or 20 minutes northwest of Gosford (via Wisemans Ferry Road) or 40 minutes from Wahroonga (via F3 & Peats Ridge Road) the course has a country-style feel to it as it is not very well-maintained. Good clubhouse with some great views. Not for the serious golfer there are too many short par 4s and course conditioning is similar to Terrigal's Breaker 9-holer course. The less frequent golfers may find this one for their liking, which is why there are some rather flattering reviews here. Hope they do not extend to 18 holes as the club should focus on the 12 greens they have now. Played here 12/7/2011 with $10.90 twilight golf rates available and was done in 1.5 hours, otherwise it is $19 to play here. Play at The Springs if you want 18 holes and more of a challenge which is 2 minutes down the road.
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Make that $17 now daytime rate for 9 holes. Course is in fair nick at Aug 2010, a bit muddy in patches, a bit rough around the edges country golf kind of thing. Still being built. Still has the tip next door. No way its a 4 star rating. All that and yet I can't keep away from her.
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Its been a slow haul to get this course built. Still a 9 holer with a tip next door but not as stinky as in the past. $10.50 for 9 holes. A course that is popular with CCoasters and Mountain Folk. Hard to find with local roads criss-crossing the old pacific highway and runnning near the F3. New holes 7th 8th 9th are terrific. Steep climbs. Great scenery and the unique mountain vibe in the clubhouse. Great course, 2nd tier esp to nearby The Springs, but I enjoy this course a lot.
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For golfers familiar with this course you would see that the layout has changed as the Ross Watson design is being worked through. The course is the same up to the 6th and the 9th is the same. The 7th is gone, a memory, goodbye sharp climb and impossible green and the old 8th green is there waiting for a fairway to be rebuilt to it. This area is now part of the next door tip which has gotten bigger before it will get smaller. Tip smell and ugliness has shouldered in on the course and for me spoils the experience. Eventually the tip will be finished and that area will make up the other holes to make this course 18. (2-4 years is my guess) The current new 7th is a nothing par 3 (looks temporary) The current new 8th is a fantastic new hole. Dodgy teeing area but a great elevated fairway and green that makes you feel like you are on top of the world. For golf nuts it is interesting to see holes being created and to see the project part way through. It will be terrific one day. Currently for me there's too much tip, but all the comments by reviewers are still true. I play there once a month or so.
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A nice 10 hole golf course that gives you the chance to really focus on your golf without the distractions like other golf courses. The course is laid out beautifully adapting the natural wild life around the course. There’s a nice little club with a fantastic restaurant with even more impressive food. On the other side of the club there’s a bar, for a nice little escape from that “hard working” day at golf. The pro-shop, although small is very personal thanks to the friendly, inviting local Pro, Dave. At the moment the course is getting a makeover, being turned from a 10-hole, 18-tee golf course to an 18-hole golf course. The greens are very green thanks to the recent rainfall along the mountains and the above exceptional drainage. It’s a very relaxing golf course, a brilliant escape from working life.

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