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Established in 1985, Kincumber Golf and Sports Club is in the suburb of Kincumber on the Central Coast of New South Wales.

The club operates a Golf Driving Range located on Bilinga Road, Kincumber.

Kincumber Golf & Driving Range is surrounded by big beautiful trees and has a lovely peaceful setting with ducks and many bird species flying around the tee, like Kookaburras, Blue and Red Rens.

The range is hitting off grass not mats, giving you the same feel as a round of golf.

The range is 288 metres in length to carry the back fence with goal posts situated as a target which are a great challenge to hit between.

There are 4 big greens to hit towards starting at 75, 125, 155 and 200 metres.

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Just looking at the comments about the driving range, there are two vastly outdated comments 1. 31 Aug 2005 2. 28 July 2006. If you have been there recently you would realise that a vast change has occurred since the new operator Lee Akers took over.
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The bottom 2 reviews are incorrect, as Lee Ackers has bought the place and it is in top condition. He has put in new distance markers and new greens, built extra chipping areas around the back, and reguarly moves the teeing areas to spots with real grass. He is also putting hitting mats in. Also a great bloke to get a lesson with and he often just walks around and gives a tip anyway.
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This range has a new lease holder, Lee Aykers, a AAA pro and he knows what he is doing. As a pro he understands the value of good turf to hit off ( as opposed to a slab of cement ) and he has improved the hitting grounds no end. The target greens have been remodeled so if your ball hits the green it will stick. More targets, a practice bunker, better distance markers and best of all, Lee will mosey down and give a free tip here and there. Being a pro he has the eye. The pleasant leafy surrounds and the friendly service makes it a good range.
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i was very disapointed to find out this putting/driving range to be of poor standard.

i just moved here from sydney and i was impressed be GGC

this course is hopeless

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Looking for a local driving range I decided to give this a try.

There was dirt and mud everywhere and no decent dry grass covered ground to hit off.

Admittedly I turned up on a day when it was drizzling and had been raining, but there was not a square foot of grass to hit off, let alone any mats to use whislt the grass/DIRT dried out.

The place is generally run down and a very ordinary experience for $15 for a large bucket.

Far better off giving either one of the two driving ranges at Bateau Bay a try...at least there is grass...better still jump in the car and visit the one at Olympic Park @ Homebush, well worth the drive, new mats, undercover, putting and chipping facilities, a bar, restaurant...and still only $15 a bucket!

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