Central Coast
Gosford Golf Club
18 Holes
PAR 71
5817 M
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This is my home course. It's not a four star course but it's a good test of golf from the back markers for a short parklands course in the suburbs. I'd give it three stars or so. It's pretty tight off the tee and it can be hard to make par from the tree lines so it pays to be straight. Drainage on the course has improved dramatically over the last few years and the fairways are getting better over time. The greens are relatively slow but usually in good condition except when too many social golfers find their way to the course. Worth a hit if you're in the area and you can't get on or don't want to pay for Magenta Shores or Kooindah Waters. However, the greens are slower at Gosford than the aforementioned courses and certainly friendlier for the social golfer. Tuggerah Lakes & Peats Ridge are also worth a hit in the area.
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Gosford Is An over rated boring straight fairway bumpy green short holed Golf Course. Gosford Golf Club does not deserve 4 star anymore it is a 2 and a half now. I've played there before and i'm not impressed it has gone down his and is continuing to do so. Needs improvement Sorry if you don't agree but that's my oppion.
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A traditional course design, built when the balls were small and the woods were wooden. Super fairways. Greens are variable, many as soft as butter and badly need drying/coring. Interesting and appealing course. Something of an Augusta Masters vibe, with pines, azaleas, and a pleasing overall impression. Not the best in any wet. Course has been closed more than the average in even moderately wet months. Well set clubhouse that is earning the club a lot for weddings etc. Lots of marriages in the gardens they have put aside and spruced up for the purpose. Great meals, at a good price Excellent practice 150m FAIRWAY with a genuine GREEN to shoot at. (That alone would almost make me a member, but I am an Everglades crocodile. )
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I can't say I enjoyed my hit at Gosford. Being a longer hitter, the best strategy around here for the visitor was to just hit iron off just about every tee. And that makes a boring round. Ton's of severe dog legs and extremely narrow faiways. I measured one fairway at 240m out as being only 15m wide. That's fine for the occasional hole, but upon reaching my ball I was either feeling lucky or unlucky. Greens were very injured from repaired ball marks, some were soft and receptive, others were concrete. Watching other's shots was paramount to knowing which green you were about to deal with. Fairways were nice - I'm not sure why they had preferred lies on. The foursome I played in all agreed that local knowledge is essential here both in greens and hole play.
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Nice layout with some tricky holes, you need to keep the ball straight especially on 1,4,6,9,11,13,15,16 and 17. On 17 if you don't hit a slice you would be better off hitting an iron to avoid OB all down the left side. Good value for money.

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Enough challenges in the course to keep the regulars of it interested week in week out and satisfied after a good day out.

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