Blue Mountains
Wentworth Falls Country Club
18 Holes
PAR 70
5719 M


Experience the beautiful Blue Mountains and play our 18 hole, easy walking par 70 course. Enjoy picturesque fairways lined with a mixture of native and European flora, and settle into the relaxed freedom of our unique mountains lifestyle.

Whether it be for pure pleasure or pure challenge, this magnificent course truly is a joy to play.

27 Reviews
Thoroughly enjoyable country course. Really friendly and welcoming at the pro-shop, and the elevated club house overlooks the course so definitely allow time for a beer after your round. The course has a really nice vibe with a few long, challenging par 4s. I much preferred WF to Leura - by a long shot - but one thing they had in common was dry, brownish fairways. Seems water is a massive issue in the mountains despite the fact we've had pretty good rainfall in the last few years. I reckon if one of the courses up there can master the art of green grass, they will win the race!
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Learnt the game here as a 12yr old and now a 5 year junior of the club, and still will always hold a place in my favourite courses list. Compared to other mountains courses Wenty Falls is considerably longer off the plates compared to the others, although most comps are played from the white or forward markers. Post drought the course has flourished with all fairways in near perfect condition without bog, although parramatta grass has started to encroach a couple of fairways. At a par 70 just under 6000m it poses a challenges for folders of all abilities, with a focus on ball striking predominant of other courses of the time era. The opening hole a dog leg left par 4 is often the quite intimidating opening shot to start the round, a narrow landing area is protected by trees left and hazard through the fairway to the right. Longer hitters can opt for a aggressive approach with a draw or bomb straight over the trees. A middle to long iron second into a protected green gives a feel for the course ahead. The 3rd first of the three par 5's is another dog leg left, that often plays to par if taken the right way. The fairway naturally contours to the lake on the right and is protected by trees and OB left and the 5th/6th green and tee on the right, once on the fairway two good shots will often secure on for 3 or a short lay up of around 50m. One of the trickier greens to putt upon especially from the upper portion. The 6th is a hole that seems easy upon looking but can easily bring a round unstuck. Straight and short playing at 276m the longer hitter can bomb the green for one, or dial back leaving a 50m wedge into the green. However a hook or a slice from the tee can force some imagination to save par. The 7th for me is the most hardest hole on the course, and has only recently been able to get the green in two. Made from the fusion of two holes on the old lay out. A drive straight leads to a green that is heavily tree lined on the left and will regularly need a draw as pins feature on the left side. A lay up pitch can also be played if need be. Front 9 par 35 2x Par3 6x Par4 1x Par5 The 10th is the opening hole from the back nine and can intimidate those from the back markers. Flying over a dam on the right side a shot of around 150m to a 1+ club elevated green is a hard shot especially with the headwind. A large bunker protects the front while a pot bunker hidden on the back left will catch any shots looking to bail out. The 14th is the easiest of the par5's and often gives up a birdie if played correctly. Although OB runs the entire right of the hole and a large pine will take any fades from the tees it opens quite wide once on the fairway and allows for a more aggressive approach in, with the longer hitters able to get in two from the forward tees. The 16th is the hardest hole on the course and for good reason. The fairway dog legs to the right but needing a 220m to get past the line and dogleg on the right. Any drives that run through the fairway will leave a pitch out to the fairway. A middle to long iron approach into the green at 150-70m will test accuracy with a small green protected by bunker left and mounds right, a bogey is generally a good,score here. The 17th is a double dog leg par 5 which holds a risk reward approach. The general approach from the tee is to keep towards the centre middle and lay up from anywhere of 150 or 100m depending on comfort. Otherwise an aggressive approach down the left will cut meters off the second and a drawing iron shot can send the ball hurdling to the green. Although if staying straight OB will pose trouble. The 18th is a easy hole to finish but not on the body with a steep approach ahead. Straight and short at 289 a driver wedge is in play for most players, leading to the easiest chance to score birdie. Overall compared to other courses it is shorter and tighter, but allows for a different feel and rewards the player who thinks and can move the ball around. Lang is a terrific head pro and the staff are always friendly just make sure to place a lie in the oven early to make sure the back nine isn't played hungry.
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I note that it was 2010 when I last played at Wentworth Falls and wrote a review. I returned last Saturday to play in the comp. Nothing much appears to have changed, although my memory has obviously faded as my score was well off my handicap and I didn't play like I knew the course. The course has been well maintained and the bunkers were in great shape. The greens were hard and fast, although having recently been cored, and the approaches were likewise hard and fast and at times it was difficult to hold the greens. The fairways were also hard and dry and there was plenty of run. The rough is full of parramatta grass, which is also starting to encroach upon the fairways. I like many other golfers hate this stuff especially when your ball is sitting right up against a clump. There is water on the course, however it pretty much doesn't come into play unless your way off target. It is a shame they haven't tried to incorporate the water more. The course is all fairly nice, but for me there is no standout hole which I could say was a signature hole. One hole disappointed and that was the par 4 7th. There is an open drain that cuts across the fairway in a gullly before you approach the green. From the tee you can't see it and I paid the penalty by hitting a long straight drive and had to take a drop. Hard to take a penalty when you have hit such a great shot. Not sure why they haven't used ag drains and filled it in. All in all I enjoyed the course and am likely to be back again.
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Played again on the 28/12/2012. They say it now has fairway watering but you wouldn't know it from the condition of the fairways. Very dry and concrete hard. Probably the worst condition I've played this course
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Great course, very picturesque. Love the old tree stump on the 6th tee used for holding clubs.
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The longest course on the Blue Mountains, Wentworth Falls Country Club offers a friendly atmosphere and a challenging, well maintained layout that is well suited to golfers of all levels. Most fairways are reasonably wide but the tall trees are hard to play over punishing any wayward drive. Water only really comes into play on your first shot of the day. Sitting 180-210m off the 1st tee on the right side of the fairway, any right handed slice will get wet. Greens are firm, quick paced and gentle break can make putting tricky. The 10th and 18th greens in particular sit well elevated from your approach shot making good accuracy and weight a must. The scorecards are very informative and give you a summary and a tip for each hole. It doesn't put the ball in the cup for you but it's a start! If i get the chance to visit this region again, I'll definitely come back and would recommend a round here for any golfing enthusiast. $30 for a week-day round.
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