Blue Mountains
Portland Golf Club
18 Holes
PAR 69
5655 M


The most challenging sand green course in New South Wales,  Portland' Golf Club''s  beautiful undulating 9-hole course offers an experience not to be missed.This 9-hole course has 18 tees, plus women's tees. 

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Measures 5763m Par 70 with four par 3s ranging from 137-181m, twelve par 4s ranging from 288-408m and two par 5s ranging from the 475m opening 1st and the 465m 11th. Reasonably hilly, short-treelined layout with no bunkers. As mentioned by others to play on sand greens you must be able to chip and run short of the green. For this reason most sand green courses have no bunkers. Located 20km or 15 minutes north of Lithgow GC via the Great Western Hwy and Wallerawang at an elevation of 925m asl with town population on 2000 it is the only sand green course for at least an hour in any direction. Not sure what the previous reviewer is on about but one thing is for sure, this course won't be hosting any PGA events! The friendly club members can be contacted on (02) 6355 5208
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Good design with some excellent holes. Gets a bit dry but generally kept in reasonable condition. A good challenge for people who have never played on the sand greens as you need to land the ball short and run it onto the green. A friendly club where you will always be made welcome. Give it a go.
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This course has improved drastically. If the greenkeeper keeps going the way he is going he will be on his way to augusta and the course will soon likely host a aus open or at least a aus pga tournament
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If you generally play on grass greens, I can almost guarantee you will not enjoy this course, or score well on this course.

Played here in a pennant match about 14 months back and it was a frutstrating day. There’s a couple of memorable holes, but they aren’t worth the long drive into the middle of nowhere.

I hate to be this negative about a course, but really, if the members had a grass green course of similar quality five minutes away, I guarantee most wouldn’t play at Portland.

On the plus side, the members are as friendly as you could find anywhere, the schooners are cheap and they have a full-size billiard table.

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Portland is a small course located just past Lithgow. It's primary claim to fame is it's sand greens and for many years it played host to the NSW Sand Green championsips - so I was told !!

I've played here once and must say sand greens are something else. The oiled sand greens are small (about 10 metres in diameter) and very flat. You get to prep the line to the hole each putt with a rake but it takes a few holes to convince yourself how hard to hit it.

The raking and putting is a real art which I didn't master. I did get plenty dirty as the oil and sand stick to everything !!

The other thing is balls won't "sit" on the green. Even a lob wedge will bounce through the green if pitched on first bounce so the key is the old chip and run into every hole if you want to get it close.

The rest of the course is quite lack lusture and dry but it's those sand greens you just have to go and try at least once.

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60 Wallerawang Rd, Portland
Blue Mountains, NSW 2847, Australia
General: 02 6355 5208